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Medical Eye-Tracker May Bring Alternative Computer Vision and Assistive Technology to Forefront of Technology

Published: 2014-11-12 - Updated: 2015-07-18
Author: EyeComTec (LAZgroup SA) | Contact:

Synopsis: Eye-tracking based solution helps people with significantly impaired mobility communicate needs and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

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This spring EyeComTec (LAZgroup SA) published the original assistive technology complex for those suffering from some form of partial or full paralysis. The eye-tracking based solution helps people with significantly impaired mobility to communicate their needs with others and enjoy a much more fulfilling life. Two very specific, important parameters were to be adhered to: make it an independent software solution and offer it free of charge to everyone in need.

In Other News:

"Our mission is to develop effective and affordable technology allowing people who are suffering from paralysis or significantly impaired mobility to communicate exclusively through eye movements at no cost." said Kirill Kretov the founder of LAZgroup SA.

Through the hard work, dedication and support of a talented team of creative minds, an initial version was created which was a great success. EyeComTec has helped people all over the world to solve complex communication needs in a totally free digital platform.

EyeComTec did not rest on the initial success of this program, and instead; improvements were made to this innovative eye tracking software to take it to the next level of assistant technology. EyeComTec's vision of helping paralyzed people came to fruition and brought with it a whole new world of possibilities.

EyeComTec explains how medical eye-tracker may bring alternative computer vision and assistive technology to the forefront of technology. Picture Credit: EyeComTec (LAZgroup S.A.)
EyeComTec explains how medical eye-tracker may bring alternative computer vision and assistive technology to the forefront of technology. Picture Credit: EyeComTec (LAZgroup S.A.)

The potential applications of this approach to computer vision are limitless and their uses span across many different industries, not just for the impaired mobility world. This technology can now be used to control, monitor and cause definitive reactions in a wide range of equipment and systems that, in the past, were impossible to connect to a purely digital platform like a personal computer.

The main feature of the ECTtracker application is the eye-tracking program that compares images with samples and analyzes the current state of the user's eyes and decides if they are open or closed. It takes into consideration the current state of the eyes and then sends the corresponding key control codes to any receiving software within the system.

When used with the specific custom program, the user can significantly increase the amount of areas of application. Using the same environment, the program can compare any image using a provided sample. This makes the software usable as an alternative interface of data input, which can be also called a computer vision.

A good example of this technology in action is that it can monitor fluid levels in transparent containers, the states of various indicator lamps and robotic movement or slight changes in motion-enabling devices in potentially dangerous applications, which are common in the aerospace industry, power plants, control centers, smart houses or various production lines. For corporations making the switch to fully autonomous assembly lines, this technology can save years of research, development and high costs associated with the creation of new equipment for real-time monitoring and analysis.

The user can use the ECTtracker to control any analog devices equipped with LED indicators, sensors, and various measuring instruments. By creating a unique sample in the Matrix of Samples for each of possible state of indicators, you can use the ECTtracker to compare the device's current state with the Matrix of Samples and log information (or execute a specific action by emulating a predefined keyboard event to some external application) if any of the samples correspond to the current state of the device.

Furthermore, the ECTracker software can be called a system of "computer vision", where each action is based on the analysis of images from various camera sensors and real-time video sources. The prototype for this type of innovative system is the faceted eye found on insects, where each facet is a single point of the structure and responds to intricate changes in the image.

The ECTracker system can be sized depending on available localized computing resources.

Multiple arrays of facets can be added or removed as needed dependent on the desired event. By utilizing this customization features, the ECTracker can be used in various control or surveillance levels. In many cases, EyeComTec's ECTtracker software can replace human interaction fully or be used as a backup system.

The experts at LAZgroup are ready and waiting to perform a detailed analysis of a company or organizations particular needs to come up with a proposal for an effective, real-world use of this technology. Technologies and equipment that previously seemed impossible to automate or connect to a computer can now be completely integrated into complex computerized systems.

At this point, we can proudly state that we are now facing a new era of computer vision and it looks very promising indeed -

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