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Published: 2011/10/06
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Synopsis: The i-loview portable video magnifier is a handheld portable device that enlarges text and objects for easier reading by vision impaired.


New Portable Video Magnifier Helps Low-Vision Users to Read on the Go - Ai Squared's i-loview is first in series of new devices for people in need of visual assistance.

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Ai Squared, the worldwide leader in screen magnification software for the visually impaired, has unveiled a new handheld device that helps people in need of visual assistance read, shop and write on the go.

The i-loview portable video magnifier is a sleek, ergonomically designed and lightweight device that enlarges text and objects for reading. Equipped with a powerful camera and 4.3-inch widescreen display, the i-loview allows users to easily zoom in on written material and physical objects as well as to perform daily activities like read a newspaper, check prices at the grocery store or write a check.

Ai Squared partnered with Chris Park Designs to create and exclusively distribute the i-loview, the first in a series of hardware products for the vision impaired community as well as for people with age-related eye conditions. The i-loview handheld video magnifier complements Ai Squared's suite of best-selling low vision solutions that include ZoomText, the world's leading screen magnification and reading software, as well as the ZoomReader app for the iPhone.

According to the National Federation of the Blind, approximately 1.3 million people in the U.S. are legally blind, and 75,000 more become blind or develop visual impairments each year. Every year, millions of Americans also incur age-related eye conditions, such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration.

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iloView Magnifier
The i-loview allows users to easily zoom in on written material and physical objects.

As market leaders in the low vision technology space, Ai Squared created the i-loview keeping the needs of these individual users in mind. The eight-ounce device offers unmatched image clarity and stability while scrolling - the text stays readable and won't blur, even as users move the device around. Other unique features include twelve zoom levels offering up to 17x magnification; four levels of brightness; sixteen contrast levels and five color modes to accommodate individual needs.

The i-loview can be connected to a TV or closed circuit TV (CCTV) for a larger viewing experience. It also comes with an SD card for saving pictures on the device for reference at a later time.

"The i-loview combines superior design, image quality and functionality to make it a best-in-class portable magnifier," says Doug Hacker, Vice President of Business Development at Ai Squared. "It's ideal for anyone with low vision or in need of visual assistance who wants a pocket-sized, easy-to-use magnifier that's as powerful as it is beautiful to look at and hold."

Learn more about the i-loview device at To purchase the i-loview, call 800-859-0270 or go to The first 200 orders placed will receive $50 off the retail price of $695.

About Ai Squared Headquartered in Manchester, Vermont, Ai Squared is the worldwide leader in computer access solutions for the vision impaired, and has been for over 20 years. Their products are available in over twenty languages and are sold in 45 countries through a network of over 350 dealers across the globe. Ai Squared has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals with early vision loss, computer vision syndrome, and visual impairments such as macular degeneration and glaucoma. Ai Squared's screen magnification and screen reading products dramatically improve a computer's usability and friendliness for the low vision user, raising their level of productivity, satisfaction, and independence. The family of Ai Squared products includes ZoomText Magnifier, ZoomText Magnifier/Reader, ZoomText Large-Print Keyboard, ZoomText Express, the ZoomReader iPhone app, and the ZoomContacts iPad app. For more information, please visit Ai Squared online at

About Chris Park Designs C&P, also known as Chris Park Designs, develops and manufactures technology-based products for people with vision loss and learning disabilities. Chris Park Designs has built the best team of CCTV and video technology experts including many former Samsung engineers to develop innovative, feature-rich magnification devices. Chris Park Designs engineers have an average of over 25 years' experience in the Vision System, CCTV, Camera, Camcorder control/solution technologies, with expertise in developing crisp, real-time video imaging. No other company has the design expertise that C& P has leveraged to develop this professional video magnifier product line. For more information please visit

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