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Mobile Phone Software Converts Text-to-speech from Digital Photo

  • Synopsis: Published: 2009-09-18 (Revised/Updated 2016-05-06) - CapturaTalk Windows mobile phone software to convert text-to-speech from a digital photograph. For further information pertaining to this article contact: LIVEWIRE PUBLIC RELATIONS.

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Quote: "CapturaTalk provides an easy way for people with learning difficulties to access information and understand text using technology they are familiar with."

Technology specialist Mobispeech Ltd has been named a finalist in the prestigious Handheld Learning Awards for Innovation 2009 for CapturaTalk.

CapturaTalk is the UK's first Windows mobile phone software to convert text-to-speech from a digital photograph. One of just three finalists selected for the special-needs category, CapturaTalk, a joint venture between iansyst Ltd ( and Raspberry Software Ltd, is designed to support literacy and language skills, especially useful for people with learning difficulties or English as a second language.

Helping users capture essential information and understand text wherever they are, CapturaTalk offers a unique portable solution to recognize text and numbers from a photograph taken on the phone or digital document. The software works across a broad range of applications to support learning, enabling text-to-speech for Pocket Word, Notes and tasks, SMS, e-mail and Pocket Internet Explorer applications.

CapturaTalk is fully integrated with the Concise Oxford English Dictionary.

When users decide to read something back, the software highlights the words as it is reading them helping to reinforce word recognition.

If they don't understand a particular word, they simply pause the program, select the word and the software will read the dictionary definition back to them in high-quality Acapela Lucy voice.

If they do not understand part of the terminology in the description, they can also listen to the meaning of other words.

CapturaTalk also helps users decode words and enhance phonic learning which has equal benefit to students and individuals where English is their second language.

Neil Milliken, Director at Mobispeech, enthused:

"We are delighted to be recognized for our innovative use of technology. Developments in mobile technology have been phenomenal over the years and now offer tremendous benefits to education. CapturaTalk provides an easy way for people with learning difficulties to access information and understand text using technology they are familiar with."

The winner will be chosen by public vote via text message and readers wishing to vote should text 'CapturaTalk' to the non-premium rate number 07786 205 637 before 28 September 2009. SMS messages can be also be sent via Skype.

Forming part of the world's leading event for using mobile and inexpensive access technologies, the awards will be hosted by highly-regarded UK TV Presenter Jason Bradbury on 5th October 2009 at The Handheld Learning Conference, London EC1Y. Attended by more than 1,500 international delegates, the conference is now in its fifth year, bringing together thought leaders, innovators, practitioners, developers, policy and decision-makers from the education, technology and entertainment sectors.

For more information about CapturaTalk, please contact Neil Milliken at iansyst, tel: 01223 420 101; email: or visit the CapturaTalk web site

*The software is designed to operate on Microsoft Windows Mobile Professional devices (Touchscreen devices) running Windows mobile 5.0 or above. Devices that have been tested and are fully supported are HTC Pro, HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch Cruise, HTC TyTN II (Kaiser), HTC TyTN I (Hermes), Samsung Omnia, HP IPAQ 614c and HP IPAQ 914.

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