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Australian States Life Expectancy Statistics Chart

  • Published: 2017-05-11 : Author: Disabled World : Contact: Disabled World
  • Synopsis: Chart of human lifespan expectancy statistics sorted by Australian states and territories.

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No wonder Australia is called the "lucky country", Australians have a higher life expectancy(i), for both males and females, than similar countries such as Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the USA. In fact Australian babies born today have the highest estimated life expectancy ever recorded in Australia.

Australian life expectancy hit a new high in 2015, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). The average Australian born today will live well into their 80s, surviving longer than most people in the world. Life expectancy at birth estimates represent the average number of years that a newborn baby could expect to live, assuming current age-specific death rates are experienced throughout his/her lifetime.

Average life expectancy rates by Australian states (2015)
About This Image: Average life expectancy rates by Australian states (2015)
Life expectancy for Australian males at birth reached 80.4 years in 2015, and female life expectancy increased to 84.5 years. In 2013-2015 the combined (m/f) life expectancy at birth estimate for Australia was 82.4 years - 11.9 years higher than the world average of 70.5 years in 2010-2015.

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) has the highest life expectancy for both males and females - 81.2 years and 85.3 years respectively (2015 statistics). And the Northern Territory (NT) has the lowest life expectancy of 75.7 years for males and 78.5 years for females.

The current biggest health threat in Australia is coronary heart disease, which accounts for approximately 10% of all premature deaths, in fact CVD's are the leading cause of premature death for Australians who die under the age of 75. The next largest cause of premature death in Australia is lung cancer at 9%, followed by suicide, the leading cause of death among young people in Australia, at 5%.

Also see our Average Life Span Expectancy Chart - a list of male and female lifespan expectant averages by country and average age to death.

Australian States Average Life Expectancy Age
Australian State or Territory2003-20052013-201510 Yr Increase
New South Wales78.583.380.484.61.91.3
South Australia78.183.480.384.42.21.0
Western Australia78.883.880.585.01.71.2
Northern Territory72.578.275.778.53.20.3
Australian Capital Territory79.984.
Australian Average78.583.380.484.51.91.2

Data Sourced from The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

(i) Life expectancy is calculated using a statistical tool called a life table. A life table is generated from current age and sex-specific death rates in a given population. The resulting values are used to estimate the likelihood of someone in a hypothetical population dying before their next birthday.

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