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Weight Gain Calculator: Includes Tips for Gaining Weight

  • Published: 2011-10-18 (Rev. 2015-08-06) - Contact: Ian Langtree at Disabled World
  • Synopsis: Online weight gaining calculator calculates how many extra calories you need to consume per day if you wish to gain weight.

Main Document

"When on a weight gaining diet don't be tempted to add calories to your meals by choosing unhealthy foods such as french fries."

In today's society with a high rate of obesity and weight problems there is a lot of emphasis on losing weight rather than gaining weight.

Surprisingly gaining weight isn't something that some people find easy to do, just as it is in losing weight, a little planning and attention to good nutrition can help you gain weight.

What is weight gain

Weight gain is an increase in your body weight. This can be either an increase in excess fluids such as water, muscle mass, or fat deposits.

Our weight Gain Calculator is for people who want to increase their body weight. It is generally accepted that if you want to gain body weight, then you need to consume more calories (How to Count and Calculate Calories) per day than you burn. You can also gain weight by increasing the size of your muscles.

When on a weight gaining diet don't be tempted to add calories to your meals by choosing unhealthy foods such as french fries. You should still eat balanced meals with the correct amounts of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates - these figures are automatically calculated for you in our calculator.

Are There Dangers to Being Too Thin

Those who are very thin tend to have weaker immune systems, often making them more prone to infections, surgical complications, and slower recovery times for illness. They tend to have low muscle mass, and less than ideal hair, teeth, and skin composition. They may also have disruptions in their ability to regulate hormones and protect bone health.


By inputting your details into the our calorie calculator below you will determine the total number of calories you will need to consume each day in order to gain weight.

Gain Weight Calculator
Eat These Amounts:
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