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Ovulation Calculator: Find Your Fertile Period to Conceive Child

  • Synopsis: Published: 2014-11-05 (Revised/Updated 2017-07-03) - Free instant online ovulation calculator and fertility chart to find your best conception date or most fertile days to conceive. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Ian Langtree at Disabled World.

Ovulation is defined as the event of de Graaf's follicles rupturing and releasing secondary oocyte ovarian cells. It is the phase of a female's menstrual cycle when an egg (ovule) is released from the ovaries. After ovulation, during the luteal phase, the egg will be available to be fertilized by sperm. Concomitantly, the uterine lining (endometrium) is thickened to be able to receive a fertilized egg. If no conception occurs, the uterine lining as well as blood will be shed during menstruation. In humans, ovulation occurs about midway through the menstrual cycle, after the follicular phase. The few days surrounding ovulation (from approximately days 10 to 18 of a 28 day cycle), constitute the most fertile phase. The time from the beginning of the last menstrual period (LMP) until ovulation is, on average, 14.6 days, but with substantial variation between women and between cycles in any single woman, with an overall 95% prediction interval of 8.2 to 20.5 days.

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Quote: "When the couples figure out the fertile period of the woman, they may go ahead with pre-pregnancy planning and increase the chances of conceiving when they want to."

The chances of successful conception are higher when you know your fertile period. Our ovulation calculator, ( See below ), will maximize your chances of successful conception by knowing your most your fertile days.

The fertile period of a woman is determined by analyzing her menstrual cycle with an ovulation calculator or fertility chart. Normally, the cycle is a 28 day cycle.

During the 14th day after a period, the ovum is released. This process is called ovulation and the days 12 to 16 days after a period are said to be a womans most fertile period.

Ovulation Calculator

First day of your last menstrual period:

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Number of days in your period:

Knowing When You Are Most Fertile:

Couples have certain methods by which they may estimate the fertile period of woman. They may try the following.

Calculation Using An ovulation Calendar:

  • The first day of a period is considered as day 1.
  • Usually on day 14, the egg is released and is waiting for the sperm to fertilize it.
  • The egg has a lifespan of just 12 to 24 hours whereas a sperm can last for about 72 hours in a woman.
  • Sex on day 12 and day 16 is important as it is the time that the woman has the highest chances for pregnancy.

Measuring The Basal Temperature:

  • The temperature of a woman rises by 0.5 to 1.5 degrees during ovulation.
  • A basal body temperature is recorded each day of a month for a certain period to determine when the womans most fertile period is.

Cervix Mucous Method:

  • The cervical mucous appears clear, stretchy and like egg white in consistency during ovulation. This is a clear sign that the woman is ovulating.
  • There are days when the cervix is dry, days when the mucous is sticky and cloudy, but most favorable are days when it is wet, when the mucous is clear and stretchy.

Physical Examination Of The Cervix:

  • Some couples examine the cervix physically, as the cervix appears to be open during ovulation and closed at other times.

Urine And Saliva Ovulation Predictor Kits:

  • The kits analyze the urine and saliva and give a hint as to the fertile period of the woman. Some people rely on the urine test, whereas some prefer the saliva test.

Physical Signs:

  • Certain women have a dull ache in the lower abdomen during ovulation which may last just a few seconds to a few hours. This may be an excellent clue to determining the womans most fertile period. Some women have spotting during ovulation, making it easier to know when the fertile period of the woman is.
  • When couples figure out the fertile period of the woman, they may go ahead with pre-pregnancy planning and increase the chances of conceiving when they want to. They use this method to not get pregnant during the planning stage.
  • There are also factors that affect fertility such as obesity, health of the couple, the stress that they may have etc.
  • In addition, age plays a role in determining the fertile period of the woman, older women are less fertile than younger women. Having an ideal body weight, staying away from teratogens, eating nutritious well balanced meals, adopting life style changes and making love during the fertile period of the woman will definitely increase your chances for a conception.

Facts: Ovulation

  • Ovulation is when a mature egg is released from the ovary, pushed down the fallopian tube, and is available to be fertilized.
  • The first part of the ovulation cycle is called the follicular phase. This phase starts the first day of the last menstrual period (LMP) and continues until ovulation.
  • The second half of the cycle is called the luteal phase and is from the day of ovulation until the next period begins.
  • Ovulation can be affected by stress, illness or disruption of normal routines.
  • To conceive, you must have sexual intercourse during the period spanning one to two days before ovulation to about 24 hours afterward.
  • If no sperm is around to fertilize the egg, it moves through the uterus and disintegrates.
  • Implantation of a fertilized egg normally takes place 6-12 days after ovulation.
  • The egg stays in the fallopian tube for about 3 to 4 days. But within 24 hours of being fertilized, it starts dividing fast into many cells. It keeps dividing as it moves slowly through the fallopian tube to the uterus. Its next job is to attach to the lining of uterus. This is called implantation.
  • The probability of pregnancy rises steadily until the two days before and including the day of ovulation.
  • If a woman has sex six or more days before she ovulates, the chance she will get pregnant is virtually zero. If she has sex five days before she ovulates, her probability of pregnancy is about 10%.

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