Wedding Anniversary Names by Years Married

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Synopsis: List of wedding anniversaries by year including names of materials, symbols and flowers associated with the time married anniversary. In the British Commonwealth domains you may receive a message from the monarch for your 60th, 65th, and 70th wedding anniversaries, and any wedding anniversary after that. In the United States, one can receive a greeting from the President for any wedding anniversary on or after the 50th.


What is a Wedding Anniversary?

A wedding anniversary is the anniversary of the date a wedding took place. Traditional names exist for some of them: for instance, 50 years of marriage is called a "golden wedding anniversary" or simply a "golden anniversary" or "golden wedding". On a wedding anniversary in many countries it is considered traditional to give a gift to your partner (or couples) that symbolize the number of years of marriage.

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The names of some wedding anniversaries provide guidance for appropriate or traditional gifts for the spouses to give each other; if there is a party to celebrate the wedding anniversary these gifts can be brought by the guests and/or influence the theme or decoration of the venue. however please note, lists of some wedding anniversary gifts can vary according to country. Wedding anniversary names common to most nations include:

Wooden (5th), Tin (10th), Crystal (15th), China (20th), Silver (25th), Pearl (30th), Ruby (40th), Golden (50th), and Diamond (60th).

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Two plain gold wedding - or engagement - rings entwined together.
Two plain gold wedding - or engagement - rings entwined together.

Wedding Anniversary Facts:

Listed below is a list of wedding anniversaries by year that includes materials, symbols, and flowers associated with the occasion.

Wedding Anniversary List

Wedding Anniversary Gifts List
Year U.S. U.K. U.S. Modern Flower
1st Paper Paper Clock Carnation
2nd Cotton Cotton China Lily of the valley
3rd Leather Leather Crystal, glass Sunflower
4th Linen, silk Fruit and flowers Appliances (electrical) Hydrangea
5th Wood Wood Silverware Daisy
6th Iron Sugar Wood objects Calla
7th Wool, copper Woolen Desk sets
pen and pencil sets
8th Bronze Bronze Linens, lace Lilac
9th Pottery Pottery Leather goods Bird of paradise
10th Tin, Aluminum Tin Diamond jewelry Daffodil
11th Steel - Fashion jewelry
12th Silk Silk and fine linen Pearls
colored gems
13th Lace - Textiles, furs Chrysanthemum
14th Ivory - Gold jewelry Dahlia
15th Crystal Crystal Watches Rose
16th - - Silver Holloware -
17th - - Furniture -
18th - - Porcelain -
19th - - Bronze -
20th China China Platinum Aster
21st - - Nickel -
22nd - - Copper -
23rd - - Silver plate -
24th Opal - Musical instruments -
25th Silver Silver Silver Iris
28th - - - Orchid
30th Pearl Pearl Diamond Lily
35th Coral, jade Coral Jade -
40th Ruby Ruby Ruby Gladiolus
45th Sapphire - Sapphire -
50th Gold Gold Gold Yellow roses
55th Emerald - Emerald -
60th Diamond (yellow) Diamond Diamond -
65th - Blue sapphire - -
70th - Platinum - -
75th Diamond, gold - Diamond, gold -
80th - Oak Diamond, pearl -
85th - Wine Wife's birthstone -
90th - Stone - -

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