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Medical and Health Widgets for Blogs and Websites

  • Published: 2011-07-17 (Rev. 2013-10-09) - Contact: Disabled World
  • Synopsis: A listing of health medical and disability widget applications available for embedding on websites and blogs.

Definition: Widget

Widgets are online applications built by one Web site that can be displayed onto another Web site by embedding content in personalized home pages, blogs, and other sites. Widgets may be looked upon as down-loadable applications which look and act like traditional apps but are implemented using web technologies including JavaScript, Flash, HTML and CSS.

Main Document

A listing of health, medical, and disability widget applications available for embedding on websites and blogs.

Health Widgets From (

Health Gadgets - Find U.S. government information on drug safety, medical products, living healthy, and much more. (

Medindia Widget - Medindia offers a freely down-loadable Health News Widget that can be easily installed on one or all pages of your blog or website. Over 500 Health News topics can be selected by popular Categories or individually (

Five Minutes or Less for Health Widget - Add the Five Minutes or Less for Health widget below to your site so you and your visitors can learn how to stay safe and healthy (

Widgets Tagged Health from Yahoo! Widgets - There are currently 79 health and medical Widgets listed (

Men's Health Widget - Stay connected with the Men's Health Daily Dose Widget (

Health Canada Widgets - Recalls and Advisories (

Alternative Health and Other Widgets - (

CDC Widgets:

Adding a widget ( to your web pages or blog means that you will have up-to-date, credible health and safety content. Health and Medical Widgets and Gadgets on the CDC Include:


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