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Disability Communication: Etiquette & Communication Methods Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Communication Information category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Disability Communication: Etiquette & Communication Methods Publications

2018-04-26 : How to Take Control of Your Facebook : Things you have control over that can help make your Facebook experience better for you.

2018-04-17 : Our Digital Remains Should be Treated with Same Care and Respect as Physical Remains : Our internet activity, commonly referred to as digital remains, lives on long after we die and should be treated with the same care and respect as physical remains.

2018-03-24 : Smartphone Addiction is More Addiction to Social Interaction : Rather than start regulating the tech companies or the use of these devices, we need to start having a conversation about the appropriate way to use smartphones.

2018-02-16 : Cognition and Emotion Play a Role in Predicting Quality of Children's Friendships : Friendships play an important role in children's psychological and behavioral adjustment, especially during the transition to adolescence.

2017-12-16 : Stuttering: Stop Signals in the Brain Prevent Fluent Speech : Study discovered a hyperactive network in the right frontal part of the brain plays a crucial role in this deficit.

2017-12-12 : Social Networking Helps Keep People Healthy : Research reveals people who feel apprehensive about one-on-one interactions often use online social networks as a form of communication to help regulate emotions during times of need.

2017-11-21 : Organizations at High Risk from Cyber Attacks - Common Attack Methods Still Successful : Annual EY Global Information Security Survey (GISS) reveals organizations believe cyber threats place them at high risk of attacks.

2017-06-17 : No More Locked Cellphones and Unlocking Fees Thanks to CRTC : CRTC announces individual and small business wireless service customers will have the right to have cellphones and other mobile devices unlocked free of charge upon request, and all newly purchased devices must be provided unlocked.

2017-02-05 : What's (wrong) in a Name : Compensation and Kaabil : Kaabil falls in a list of works collectively called compensatory literature - the bother starts with the name itself.

2016-11-23 : Research Reveals Stuttering Related to Brain Circuits That Control Speech Production : Researchers conduct first study of its kind, using proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) to look at brain regions in both adults and children who stutter.

2016-11-22 : Justice Department Revises Regulations to Require Closed Movie Captioning and Audio Description for People with Disabilities : Final rule requires movie theaters to have and maintain equipment necessary to provide closed movie captioning and audio description delivered to a movie patrons seat and available only to that person.

2016-10-14 : Human Behavior: The 4 Basic Personality Types : Human behavior study reveals 90% of people can be classified into personality types: optimistic, pessimistic, trusting and envious.

2016-04-29 : FCC Approves Proposal to Utilize Real-time Text to Aid People with Disabilities : Commission moves forward on accessibility proposal to modernize wireless phone compatibility with advanced text communications.

2016-04-26 : Netflix to Add Accessible Audio Descriptions for The Blind : Netflix will make movies and videos accessible by adding audio description for their blind customers.

2016-03-03 : New Bell Mobile Accessibility Products & Services : Exclusive smartphones, assistive devices, accessibility app and more now available for customers with disabilities.

2015-09-15 : Do Blind People Characterize Others by Race : What can we learn about that automatic visual processing from people who are unable to see.

2015-07-31 : Church Online Interpreted for Deaf and Hard of Hearing : Central Florida congregation launches new option for worshipers - live streaming services interpreted for deaf and hard of hearing.

2015-01-06 : Phone Scams to Watch Out For in 2015 : Alerting consumers about ongoing telephone schemes and advising individuals as to how to protect themselves.

2014-12-18 : PhotoAbility Showcases Disability Inclusive Images : Photo Collection depicts lives of models and everyday people who happen to have a disability.

2014-12-02 : Deaf, Deaf-Blind and Hard of Hearing Domestic Violence Survivors Hotline : Deaf anti-domestic violence organizations seek funds for 24/7 deaf hotline staffed by deaf advocates for deaf survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

2014-11-18 : Easter Seals Thrive Program Provides Support for Young Women with Disabilities : Easter Seals is bringing young women with disabilities together through the national expansion of the Thrive program.

2014-08-29 : Music Therapy Can Help Stop Violence In Special Needs Children : Music therapy can help children with ASD or ODD to stop violent behavior and assist with developing cognitive functioning, social skill interaction, and grade point average.

2014-08-27 : SmartVP 2.0 Videophone for Deaf and Hard-of-hearing : Purple Communications announce availability of SmartVP 2.0 videophone designed for people who are deaf and hard-of-hearing.

2014-08-08 : Court Allows Testimony in Alleging Cell Phone Linked Brain Tumors : Court allows expert testimony in litigation alleging cell phone linked tumors, according to consumers legal team.

2014-05-03 : To Know What They're Saying People Rely on What They Hear : A study from researchers shows auditory feedback plays an important role in helping us determine what we are saying as we speak.

2013-11-10 : Lifeline Discounted Monthly Phone Service : Information on The Lifeline Program a U.S. federal program providing support to telecommunications companies for discounts to eligible consumers.

2013-06-26 : History of Disability: Online Exhibition from National Museum of American History : EveryBody An Artifact History of Disability in America explores themes and events related to history of people with disabilities in the U.S. and offers a new perspective on American history.

2013-05-17 : DitzAbled Princess - A Comic with a Difference : DitzAbled Princess comic strip encompasses the real-life experiences of a 30-something woman with disabilities.

2013-05-03 : Audioboo: Social Audio Sharing Site for Visually Impaired : Audioboo allows you to record and upload audio for friends, broadcast, customers, colleagues or the rest of the world to hear.

2013-04-17 : Social Media and Senior Health : Article examines how older adults are now engaging in social media including online social networks, discussion boards, and online forums more frequently.

2013-04-09 : Vishing: What is it and How To Protect Yourself : Information regarding vishing the use of voice over IP telephones to collect personal information such as bank accounts birthdays and Social Security numbers.

2012-12-26 : AT&T Launches Corporate Accessibility Technology Office Expanding Commitment to Customers with Disabilities : AT&T new Corporate Accessibility Technology Office is designed to promote accessibility in products and services.

2012-12-03 : Obama Phone: Free Cell Phone Truth or Myth : Where can I get an Obama phone or is it a myth Facts and information regarding the so called ObamaPhone.

2012-10-08 : Living and Communicating with a Person with a Disability : Common reactions to a permanent form of disability whether the person experiencing it is you or a loved one can include fear anger shock and grief.

2012-05-25 : Simplifying Wireless Communications for Individuals with Speech Disabilities - Sprint : Sprint has made it easier for individuals with speech disabilities to initiate calls using a wireless phone.

2012-04-07 : Telecommunications Relay & Captioned Telephone Services : Telecommunications Relay Service gives people with a hearing or speech disability the opportunity to place or receive telephone calls.

2011-11-13 : Can Twitter Help Save Lives - Cardiac Arrest and Resuscitation Related Tweets : Researchers evaluated cardiac arrest and resuscitation related Tweets and discovered users frequently share information about CPR and automated external defibrillators.

2011-11-12 : Characterizing Online Cyberbullying - A Struggle for Social Scientists : Cyberbullying is one of a growing number of digital incidents causing scholars to examine and define a new type of seemingly invisible and often anonymous virtual aggression.

2011-11-01 : Toby's Story - Documentary on Spinal Cord Injury : Tobys Story documentary tells the story of a young musician living with spinal cord injury and how scientists are working to give him back his independence.

2011-09-13 : Ham Radio Station Connects Retirement Community to World : Residents of a retirement community use amateur ham radio to maintain friendship and health.

2011-07-12 : FreeAppADay Selects FunMobility to Help Gamify Its Community : FunChat powered FAAD application enables users to interact with each other discuss new app releases and earn virtual currency through FunChat reward and achievement system.

2011-07-06 : Tracking Public Health Trends with Twitter : By sifting through the busy flood of banter on Twitter it is possible to track important public health trends worldwide.

2011-06-29 : Verizon Invests in Nonprofits That Use Technology to Help People With Disability : The Verizon Foundation is committed to improving access to information and services that address the needs of the disability community.

2011-06-08 : New Free Video DVD from St. Louis Society for the Blind and Visually Impaired : DVD reveals inspiring stories of how the Society and its staff help improve quality of life for people of all ages with its meaningful programs and services.

2011-06-03 : T-Mobile Merger Support Growing : Strong support came from groups including AFL-CIO and the CWA the NAACP and LULAC and those representing rural interests the high-tech community and people with disabilities.

2011-05-19 : Cell Phones May Reduce Male Fertility : Cell phone use appears to increase level of testosterone in the body but may also lead to low sperm quality and decrease in fertility in men.

2011-04-28 : Maine Relay Mobile Captions Service : People who are deaf or hard of hearing will be able to read captions on a mobile phone using Voice Carry Over (VCO) technology.

2011-04-26 : Milestone for Deaf and Hard of Hearing - Purple Communications : Eliminating need for Video Relay Service (VRS) consumers to use different 10 digit phone number for each device used to make or receive VRS calls from.

2011-03-29 : The Pain of Social Rejection : Painful sensory experiences are activated during intense experiences of social rejection.

2011-03-15 : Accessibility - New Frontier for Mobile Technologies : Mobile communications technology intended to benefit persons with disabilities and aging adults can bring considerable benefits to users with or without disabilities.

2011-01-28 : CONTACT Cape-Atlantic Free Daily Phone Calls : The volunteers at CONTACT Cape-Atlantic offer free daily phone calls to say hello and check that all is well.

2010-11-07 : Cell Phones Help Save Lives : Cell phones can be used to save the lives of mothers in childbirth and improve the care of newborns and children.

2010-10-29 : Facebook Spell Checker For People With Dyslexia : This is the first and only Facebook application directly targeting Facebook users with dyslexia.

2010-10-20 : Give Your Vision of Society for 2020 - Vision 2020 : Vision 2020 launched - In Control has launched a campaign inviting people to give their vision of society for the year 2020.

2010-09-20 : Treatment for Persons with Dysphonia and Voice Problems : Millions of Americans have dysphonia a hoarse or raspy voice that can cause pain when speaking and make it difficult to communicate.

2010-09-16 : Mobile Phone-Donation Program for Seniors : Just5 partnership with ONEgeneration intergenerational care center serves seniors children and their families to implement a mobile phone donation program for residents.

2010-08-19 : Just5 Launches YouTube Challenge to Highlight Phones Capabilities : Challenge encourages Just5 users to demonstrate how they best utilize their phone by posting a short video.

2010-08-18 : New Logo for St. Louis Society for the Blind and Visually Impaired : St. Louis Society for the Blind and Visually Impaired Introducing Colorful New Logo to Celebrate 100th Anniversary in 2011.

2010-07-16 : Creating a Living Will and Power of Attorney - Your Final Say : Examines the benefits of having a living will and granting power of attorney.

2010-05-10 : Broadband's Impact on Quality-of-Life for Disabled and Aging : Internet broadband impact on lives of senior citizens people with disabilities and small business communities.

2010-02-28 : Enable America's Outreach Via Facebook and Twitter : Social media gave Enable America extra ability to bring its 2010 Disability Employment Forum to those unable to attend the event.

2010-02-25 : TV Auditions, Winnings and Jobs for Disabled and Non-disabled Youth and Adult Artists : Corporation for Artistic Development to give various prizes monthly to artists you vote for on K.E.Y.S. Kids TV Show.

2010-02-02 : Dr. Oz TV Show to Feature Carnie Wilson Weight Loss Intervention : Coming guests to The Dr. Oz Show include Carnie Wilson Weight Loss Intervention a countdown for better health.

2010-01-16 : TV Fox - Watch Free TV Channels and Programs from Around the World : Free app allows you to select and watch live TV Channels of your choice online through Firefox Browser.

2010-01-05 : WAMC Radio Highlights Support Available to Minority Students with Disabilities in Science Education : National Effort to Increase the Role of Women with Disabilities in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics.

2009-12-03 : No Change in Brain Tumor Incidence Since Cell Phone Usage Increased : No substantial change in brain tumor incidence among adults after cell phone usage increased.

2009-10-09 : Internet Fraud & Phishing Scams: Educate Your Employees : Educating public and employees on Phishing techniques used in e-mails and websites including private and company fraud examples.

2009-10-06 : New Windows Phones from Microsoft : With a Windows phone people can navigate their phone easily with the touch of a finger and browse the Internet on a mobile browser.

2009-07-15 : 40th Anniversary of First Manned Moon Landing and Todays New Frontiers : Frontiers in science and what America must do to ensure that these scientific frontiers are reached.

2009-05-18 : Send Picture from Computer to Cell Phone : Explains how to send a picture from a computer to a cell phone and from cell phones to computer for viewing.

2009-04-23 : Cell Phones and Cancer - Fact or Fiction : Cell phones do alter brain activity as they can trigger a degree of molecular movement but nothing to raise cancer concerns.

2009-02-07 : Connecting a Cell Phone to Computer : Explains how to connect your computer and cell phone allowing you to write long text with your PC keyboard download songs and photos and much more.

2009-02-07 : Free PC to Cell Phone Text Messaging Online : Explains how to use your computer to send text messages known as text messaging to cell phones for free.

2009-02-02 : Chat Rooms Freedom of Speech and Bans : Examines the concept of freedom of speech and banning users in chat rooms resulting in arguments and ISP disconnections.

2009-02-02 : Chat Room Types : A description of various types of online chat rooms including the advantages and disadvantages of each.

2009-02-02 : Chatbots for Chat Rooms : Explains chatbots and where to get chat bots designed to simulate a conversation with a human users via speech or text in a chat room.

2009-02-02 : Chat Room Safety - Tips and Information : Examines and explains a number of chat room safety issues with children and teens using online chat rooms.

2009-02-02 : IRC Chat Rooms : IRC or Internet Relay Chat is a multi-user chat network where people all over the world can meet and talk in channels or in private.

2009-02-02 : Chat room History of IRC MUD and Voice Chat : History of chat rooms and chat safety including IRC instant messaging voice and other types of chatrooms.

2009-02-02 : Windows Vista Java Chat Loading Issue : Windows Vista TCP Stack has been re-written this solution corrects issues with Windows Vista and resolves chat room access and slow email program problems.

2009-02-02 : Chat Room Avatars : History of chat avatars and how they came to be article includes sample chat room avatars.

2009-02-02 : Hosted and Non Hosted Chat Rooms for Websites : Advantages and disadvantages of hosted and non hosted chat rooms for your website or blog and where to a chat room.

2009-02-02 : List of Texting Acronym Shortcuts for Chatting : Shortcut list of the common acronyms and abbreviations used in chat rooms SMS messages on cell phones and instant messengers such as Yahoo and MSN.

2009-02-02 : What are Shoutboxes Where can I get a Shout Box : List of shoutboxes or mini java based chat systems seen on websites and blogs allowing visitors to leave messages and chat with online users.

2009-02-02 : Evolution of Online Communication : Using a computer coupled to the Internet it is possible to IM instant message e-mail and use chat rooms to communicate with friends and family anywhere in the world.

2009-01-03 : Solutions to Chat Room Loading Problems : Solutions to Java problems entering chat rooms using Windows Vista XP and Internet Explorer or Firefox Browsers.

2009-01-01 : Disability Newsletters List : A list of newsletters regarding disability issues and news that can be read online or subscribed to via email.

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