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Disability Art and Artists Publications
Title of
Updated / Revised
Armadillo Art Exhibition: Paintings by Carl Clark and Mike Harris Jr.Announcement2024/05/082024/05/10
California Girls: Eric Sherarts and David Bauman at Interact GalleryEvent2023/06/282024/05/08
WILD GOOSE Online Art Exhibition2021/03/272021/06/02
Interact Artists Online Exhibition to Raise Money for Disability VisibilityAnnouncement / Notification2020/05/152023/09/12
Funding Available for Arts Participation by People with Disability2020/03/282020/12/03
Gracie's Place Art StudioAnnouncement / Notification2019/09/182023/09/15
Art and Disability2019/09/112020/09/23
ReelAbilities: NJ Disability Film Festival to Amplify the Voices of America's Largest Minority2018/04/062019/05/17
New Art Exhibition at Kean University Features Line Drawings Inspired by Italy2018/03/29
New Jersey Digital Art Program for Individuals with ASD2018/03/20
Sheila Chandra, Musician, Pop Star, Author and Mentor to the Stars, Launches Coaching Practice for Creatives2018/02/282018/03/15
I'm Still Me: Acquired Brain Injury Awareness Song by Ranjit Singh2016/11/152020/09/11
Paintings Illustrate Issues of Life with Hidden Disabilities2016/07/172021/05/15
Memorial Dedicated to FDR's Disability Will Feature Personal Tributes to People with Disabilities2016/07/052020/05/10
Sight Unseen: Tacticle Feedback Exhibit That Blind Can See2016/03/212021/06/13
Disability Community to Create World's Largest Wheelchair Painting2016/01/222016/10/16
The Inside Man (Die Binneman) - Julius van der Wat2015/12/092019/08/24
MADE in Manchester: Disability Art Exhibition2015/07/202021/08/08
Disability Initiative to Increase Inclusion and Access to the Cultural Sector2015/05/30
Portraits of Child Meningitis Survivors2014/02/102021/09/03
ArtAbility Gives Recognizable Voice to People with a Disability Who Often Go Unheard2013/10/292021/10/11
ArtAbility: Giving Differently Abled Artists a Platform2013/09/17
Down Syndrome and Michael Jurogue Johnson Artwork2013/09/152021/10/20
Alzheimer's Disease: Artwork and Hope2012/05/102022/05/22
Larry Kirkland's Disabled American Veterans for Life Memorial Sculptures2012/04/122022/06/01
Art Exhibit in Honor of National Disability Employment Awareness Month2011/10/13
InterACT Disability Arts Festival2011/10/04
DaDaFest Disability and D/deaf Arts Organisation2011/09/242019/08/24
Contemporary Art Exhibition on Disability2010/05/252011/08/11
Disability Art Presented at 2009 Armory Show by VSA Arts2009/02/102011/08/27

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