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Disability Media: Films, TV, Radio and Documentaries Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Disability Films, Radio and Television category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-10-21Special Unit: Action Comedy Film Led By Cast of Actors with Disabilities
2017-09-07LAUNCH:​ ​First​ ​Blind​ ​Dates - Did​ ​Sparks​ ​Fly​ ​or​ ​Does​ ​Cupid​ ​Need​ ​to​ ​Work​ ​on​ ​His​ ​Archery​ ​Skills?
2017-02-21Actors With Disabilities Show "I Have Friends In Heaven" Movie About Disability in Hollywood
2017-02-08Road Less Run Film to Inspire Greater Inclusivity of Disabilities in Sport
2017-01-13Hollywood, Unapologetic! - My Experience Being Disabled In Hollywood
2016-12-05TellMe TV: World's First Netflix-like Service for the Blind Debuts in US and Canada
2016-10-30Angels of Mercy Film - Help Give a Voice to Disabled Filmmakers
2016-09-04Supported Decision Making Video Empowers Youth with Disability Leaving Care
2016-08-28BFI Funds Accessible Workshops for Deafblind Filmmakers
2016-08-25The Flying Stars: Amputee Soccer Team Film
2016-05-25Vietnam: Long Time Coming Film Details World T.E.A.M. Sports 1998 Inclusive Bicycle Ride
2016-04-13Fix it in Five Season 2 by Lynette Louise - Autism Channel
2014-08-21The Healthspan Imperative - Short Video Narrated by Martha Stewart
2014-07-30Study Reveals Lack of Diversity in Hollywood Blockbusters is Staggering
2014-06-21Driven: From Wheelchair to Race Car - DVD Movie
2014-04-18Fantastic Frank Johnson Inspires Abled and Disabled
2013-02-13Jessica Cox to Join Handicap International in Ethiopia
2012-10-09Accessible Radio Broadcasting Lets Blind and Visually Impaired Create Internet Radio Stations
2012-04-08The Undatables - View On Disability
2012-02-22Untold Stories of the ER - Erick Kaffka
2012-02-06White Cane Week 2012 - Special Programs from Accessible Media Inc. (AMI)
2012-02-01Touch Series on FOX TV - Child with Autism Predicts Future Events
2011-10-10Disability Access News Radio Ireland
2011-09-29Dr Glen House Radio Show on
2011-09-15Empowering Canadians Living with Disabilities - TACtv - The Accessible Channel
2011-08-05Born Warriors - Opportunities for Persons with Disability in the Film Industry
2011-07-28Making Medicare Work for You - RLTV
2011-06-17NAD Files Disability Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Netflix
2011-05-20Social Security Administration Roundtable Discussion on Inside Government
2011-05-15Grannies on Safari 3rd Season on PBS
2011-05-15Your Life Calling Radio Show With Jane Pauley Discusses Life After 50
2011-05-09Living with Schizophrenia Documentary Film
2011-05-05Disability Radio Extends its Reach
2011-03-16"From Silence to Sound" Film - Deaf Man Hears for First Time
2011-02-28Amputees in Action Becomes ISO 9001:2008 Certified
2011-02-26AARP Live! New RFD-TV Series
2011-02-24David Cassidy to Compete in The Celebrity Apprentice
2011-02-09Jodie Foster Talks about Her Upcoming Movie and Depression
2011-02-01For Once In My Life - PBS
2010-12-28Top Movie Titles of 2010
2010-12-16Watch Free Classic TV Shows Online
2010-11-17Watch Free Online TV Programs
2010-10-22Radio Series Highlights Women with Disabilities in Science
2010-10-20Warrior Champions Film to be Shown at Suffolk Y JCC
2010-10-12Suzanne Somers Gets Candid About Fighting Aging
2010-10-03New Abilities TV has Applied for Station Presence on DISH TV
2010-09-28America's Favorite TV Mom Becomes Dancing Sensation
2010-09-14BlogTalkRadio Series Examines Social Security Disability Benefits
2010-08-13New Reality Series 'Forever Young'
2010-07-21Live Autism Awareness Show in Chicago - Little City TV
2010-07-10Online Claims of "Oprah Hates Disabled People"
2010-06-30Attention Talk Radio and "The Disorganized Mind" by Nancy Ratey
2010-06-10Seniors Talk Show on Retirement Living TV with Lynn Doyle
2010-06-04The Beacon Show - Talk Radio by The Chicago Lighthouse's CRIS Radio - Disability Radio
2010-05-17Tips for Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis - Online Talk Show
2010-04-23Understanding Autism - Doctor Radio Reports
2010-02-01Disabled World Live Online Radio Station Proposal
2009-05-21Radio Bug - Disability Internet Radio
2009-03-10Ringler Radio Releases Latest Production to Disability Community

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