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Disability Media: Films, TV, Radio and Documentaries

  • Synopsis: Reviews and listing of disability films and movies including radio and TV broadcasts.

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This section of the Disabled World Communications category covers reviews and listing of both offline and online disability broadcasts including movies, radio, TV stations and Internet podcasts.

Today Radio and Television media outlets play an increasing role in forging a cultural identity and a sense of community among people with disabilities around the world, regardless of the nature and the extent of their disability.

Disability radio stations mainly present information and entertainment primarily of interest to people with a disability or medical condition.

Programs listed provide disability news and information services, as well as general day-today disability issues of interest to persons with disabilities, their families, caregivers, and friends.

Disability podcasts are a series of digital media files, either audio or video, that are released episodically and often downloaded through web syndication, podcasts often include audio recordings and short-subject literary works from reputable mainstream periodicals and independent writers, providing a mixture of interesting and educational material for persons with a disability.

Some of the topics covered by disability broadcasting stations include:

Latest Disability Films, Radio and Television Publications

  1. Actors With Disabilities Show "I Have Friends In Heaven" Movie About Disability in Hollywood
    I have friends in heaven movie will be screened at the Chinese Theatre of Los Angeles (Hollywood), on the occasion of the 12th Los Angeles Italia - The Italian Film Fest.
  2. Road Less Run Film to Inspire Greater Inclusivity of Disabilities in Sport
    Prague based filmmakers launch unique documentary crowdfunding campaign aiming to inspire greater inclusivity of disabilities in sport.
  3. Hollywood, Unapologetic! - My Experience Being Disabled In Hollywood
    OTK Media Group, Inc. produced Hollywood, Unapologetic! - My Experience Being Disabled in Hollywood Episode, as part of the new Hollywood generation movement.
  4. TellMe TV: World's First Netflix-like Service for the Blind Debuts in US and Canada
    TellMe TV fully described video on-demand service delivers unprecedented selection of rich entertainment experiences to US and Canadian blind and vision-loss community.
  5. Angels of Mercy Film - Help Give a Voice to Disabled Filmmakers
    Angels of Mercy film is designed for empowerment within the disabled community and to promote awareness of biases toward the disabled community often portrayed in the media.

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