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BlogTalkRadio Series Examines Social Security Disability Benefits

  • Published: 2010-09-14 - Contact: Markhoff & Mittman, PC
  • Synopsis: Live Disability Webcasts on BlogTalkRadio to educate the public on the complexities of obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits.

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White Plains Disability law firm attorneys, Markhoff & Mittman, are offering a series of Live Disability Webcasts on BlogTalkRadio to educate the public on the complexities of obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits.

Brian Mittman, Managing Partner of White Plains Disability law firm, Markhoff & Mittman, and Scott Daniels, Associate Attorney, are offering a BlogTalkRadio Series to help people learn more about obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits.

"Have you worked all of your life? Are you now unable to work because of a disabling condition? Are you prepared to deal with the social security administration" asks attorney Scott Daniels. "We designed this series to provide you with valuable information should you find yourself in this situation. This is a free opportunity to educate yourself on the complexities of Social Security Disability law."

It's not easy to get Social Security benefits. Each year, about 65 percent of the 2.5 million people who file with the federal government for Social Security disability are initially denied benefits.

The first segment scheduled for September 16th will address collecting unemployment and applying for disability. Many people think that collecting unemployment will ruin their chances of winning a disability case. In this program, attorneys Mittman and Daniels will explain why this is not the case. They will follow with, "5 Ways to Lose a Disability Case At the Dreaded Hearing Level," on September 30th and "How An Attorney Can Win Your Disability Case" on October 14th. Each of these 30 minute shows will run from 7:30 - 8:00 pm. To listen to the show visit our website, and click on the BlogTalkRadio button.

"Having the most current information is vital," commented Brian Mittman, Managing Partner of Markhoff & Mittman and author of the bestselling book, 5 Deadly Sins That Can Derail Your New York Workers' Compensation Case. "This seminar was designed to give you that information which will be invaluable as you go about obtaining social security benefits."

About Markhoff & Mittman, P.C. Markhoff & Mittman was founded in 1933 on the idea that people who are injured on the job should be treated with respect. Our firm has been on the forefront of NY workers disability for almost seventy-five years. Today we are as committed as ever to helping people who have been injured in the workplace recover the compensation that will allow them to move on with their lives. We are dedicated to helping people secure compensation for social security disability, supplemental security income, workers' compensation claims, NYC and State retirement disability and serious personal injury cases. You can learn more about Markhoff & Mittman, PC by visiting


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