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Disability Access News Radio Ireland

Published: 2011-10-10
Author: Disability Access News
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Synopsis: Disability Access News on Corks Life Fm 93.1 radio focuses on disabilities twice daily every Tuesday and Thursday at 3.30pm and 8pm. The Father of sons with Autism is trying to make a difference on the airwaves for all people with Disabilities.

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The Father of sons with Autism is trying to make a difference on the airwaves for all people with Disabilities.


The first of it's kind in Ireland a twice weekly news service for those with disabilities on Life Fm 93.1 or

The Father of sons with Autism is trying to make a difference on the airwaves for all people with Disabilities.

The dream has finally become a reality for Eric Isherwood, Volunteer presenter of the only dedicated Disability Radio News in Ireland "Disability Access News" on Cork's Life Fm 93.1 radio show focusing on disabilities twice daily every Tuesday and Thursday at 3.30pm and 8pm. For the past 25 years, both myself and wife Veronica have been trying in raising awareness for autism and for families and children of special needs but wanted to reach more people with disabilities, families and professionals.

What we found out is that when many parents find out their child has a disability or suspect they have one, the parents are unaware of their rights and are looking around for support. While the parent struggles with a myriad of challenges medically, financially and emotionally, they are not prepared to effectively advocate for their child's disability when they don't know their rights.

For the last 25 five years we have put our sons in the spotlight not an easy decision to make but we had no choice as we were trying to get our sons to the Boston Higashi School USA as there was no such thing as Education at that time for those Children with special needs and the media was our only avenue and they were supportive both locally,nationally and Internationally.

By going down this route it made Colm and Eric a household name in the mid 90s and brought Hugh support from the general public and awareness of Autism and Disabilities. For the last few years we have tried to give support to families who contact us online on Facebook or Twitter or by word of mouth, volunteering our time to help families who may be lost and are looking for answers and Support.

This year 2011, I approached Brian Daly, Station manager of Life FM 93. about the idea of contributing as a volunteer on the station by doing an information slot on the Disability Sector.He was immediately interested and during September I did an Information Piece on Anna Daly's "On the Level" Show on Autism,MS, Cystic Fibrosis, Down Syndrome The live radio show got great feedback. (At all times we advocated that parents first access point if they suspect their child has a disability is there local GP.) I then realized the power which radio had to reach so many.

I always had a passion for both radio and to bring more awareness effecting all those with Disabilities. I would like to one day do my own show and perhaps be spokesperson for all with disabilities as well as advocates for parents and children and adults. I worked with other parents, professionals in March of this year doing a Conference on Autism at UCC "Let's Connect"

I am delighted to be doing "Disability Access News" twice weekly and I would hope that by hosting this weekly radio show that it would benefit all people with disabilities, families, and professionals in the community. "I hope to make a difference where I can by Volunteering. I am trying to do what I can for people with disabilities, with this news service along with social media Like Facebook and Twitter.

I have been asked by the Station to work on putting together a series of one hour programs on Disabilities and would love to hear from parents,people with all Disabilities,professionals,charities,organizations who would like to take part in the series by 16th of October 2011 The series if we get enough people to come on board will be named Extraordinary People Extraordinary Lifestyles...Turning Challenge into Victory.

I am not a trained broadcaster but my passion to provide information, education and disability awareness to listeners each week. The radio news shows I hope will provides news items most people don't hear of in the media.

The show can be heard from Cork on Life Fm 93.1 and online, making the radio show more accessible to those on the Internet. The most important reason for "Disability Access News" , is to educate/inform people who are affected by disabilities, their families and friends, professionals and the general community. In tandem with the news I will continue to do a monthly slot with the Anna daly show "On the level" on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 12.30 pm

Future topics include Dyslexia, Bipolar Disorder, Non-Verbal Learning Disorders, Epilepsy, ADHD, Alzheimer's, Diet and vitamin interventions, Sensory Integration, Reflexology,Entitlements and many other. I hope listeners will become better educated about disabilities and for all to realize that "people with disabilities have a voice also in society.

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