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Published: 2011/09/15 - Updated: 2016/06/12
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Synopsis: Accessible Media TACtv The Accessible Channel fall line-up provides informative programming targeted to people living with disabilities.


Inspiring and Empowering Canadians Living with Disability - Accessible Media Inc. (AMI) today launched its fall 2011 line-up with ground-breaking and informative programming targeted to people living with disabilities.

Main Digest

Airing on The Accessible Channel, also known as TACtv, two inspirational programs, Accessibility in Action and A Whole New Light, explore the latest technological options and opportunities for those with disabilities. Both shows feature real-life stories and testimonials that show how new disability solutions that are making a difference and helping people's lives.

"AMI is proud to announce the launch of these two illuminating programs," says AMI President and CEO David Errington. "Both of these ground-breaking shows will connect with viewers on a very personal level supporting AMI's aim to create, advocate, collaborate and enable accessibility to all media."

TACtv is a national English language, audio-described, closed-captioned, basic HD digital TV specialty service. Licensed by the CRTC, TACtv is part of the basic digital package of TV programming. Available across Canada, TACtv broadcasts TV programs from conventional and specialty TV services and foreign-rights holders for people who are blind, with low vision, deaf or hard-of-hearing.

Accessibility in Action - See Episode Guide and previews of what's coming up at www.ami.ca

Accessibility in Action is a thirteen-part series that focuses on inspirational stories and demonstrations of how accessible technology makes life easier, more convenient and in some cases, changes lives.

The series, which was uniquely shot and directed with descriptive video embedded directly into the program, features interviews and profiles of athletes, artists, celebrities and political and business leaders who have refused to be labeled disabled and prospered. Accessibility in Action also goes into the field showing real-life features of people using technology to enhance and improve their lives and explores topics of disability rarely discussed, from raising blind or deaf children to living on limited incomes.

Studio-based and 30 minutes long, the show is hosted by Gemini award-winning broadcaster Joanne Smith on a bright and colorful, hi-tech set. In each episode, three topics are introduced featuring guests with inspirational stories and demonstrations of the latest and greatest in assistive technology devices and aids. Episodes range in content covering such topics as career, food and financial advice, accessible workspaces, entertainment devices and cultural experiences.

A Whole New Light

A Whole New Light is a one hour special report exploring the scientific, medical and therapeutic treatments which are helping to improve quality of life for people with vision loss. Airing this fall, this special report is broken into segments that reveal the latest methods to treat a variety of eye conditions associated with vision loss. Told through personal stories and anecdotes, the report looks at a variety of areas, including: research, surgery, implants, and experimental therapies. Through the human face of vision loss, viewers relate to the stories told on screen that represent actual progress as well as the potential for medical and scientific breakthroughs in the field.

In addition, this fall AMI will be airing a number of other programs new to TACtv, including:

Accessible Media Inc. (AMI) is a not-for-profit multimedia organization operating two broadcast services, VoicePrint and The Accessible Channel - TACtv, and a companion website (ami.ca). AMI serves more than five million Canadians who are blind, deaf, vision, hearing or mobility impaired, learning disabled, print-restricted or learning English as a second language by making print, broadcast and online media accessible - www.ami.ca

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