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Dylan Rothbein Announces Crowdfunding Campaign for Society's Child

Published: 2017-12-18 - Updated: 2020-04-07
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Synopsis: Filmmaker, musician, performer and disability activist Dylan Rothbein announces fundraising campaign for groundbreaking new feature film on neurodiversity. Society's Child celebrates the common ground of between diverse characters across a variety of spectrum's and experiences. Dylan's intention in creating Society's Child is to show what it's truly like for parents to raise a child in the special education system...

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Filmmaker, musician, and performer Dylan Rothbein has announced the new crowdfunding campaign for his landmark film in progress, Society's Child, at


As the writer, director and composer of the film, as well as the President of Neurodivergent Ventures, Dylan is an advocate and activist for neurodiversity and disability, and Society's Child is the emotional fictional story that emerged from his own experiences identifying as Asperger's.

Society's Child is the powerful tale that was inspired by Dylan's own experiences as a working-class Jewish kid who identifies as Asperger's, dyslexic, and who went from being selectively mute, speaking very few, to emerging as a New York musician, filmmaker, artist, and advocate who now speaks for the disabled and neurodivergent on a global scale.

Dylan's story included a psych ward inpatient stay, misdiagnosis relating to his Asperger's, and successful residential care, and he emerged from those experiences to become a singer, performer and entrepreneur who is known as the "Bob Dylan of Neurodiversity."

Society's Child celebrates the common ground of between diverse characters across a variety of spectrum's and experiences.

The film includes a cast of racially diverse characters who are gay, straight, and trans, some of whom are navigating an array of learning, psychiatric, developmental and intellectual disabilities that are all variable types of neurodivergence. Society's Child also sensitively reflects some of Dylan's own experiences growing up both neurodivergent and Jewish, as well.

"I'm very excited to announce our crowdfunding effort for my film Society's Child," comments writer, composer and director Dylan Rothbein. "Society's Child comes from my own experiences as neurodivergent, but it's more than an 'autism film.' Instead, it's about intersectionality and common ground-the ways in which we're all more alike than the ways in which we're different."

Dylan's intention in creating Society's Child is to show what it's truly like for parents to raise a child in the special education system, as well as to show how disability, poverty, gender identity and sexual identity are perceived and handled in many Jewish communities.

"We want to show the realities of special education teachers, primary care professionals and the day-to-day life inside residential treatment centers-as well as showing the importance of arts education," adds Dylan. "I'm also seeking to create jobs for members of the disabled community by seeking funding for Society's Child. This is the opportunity for us to tell our story," he says, "and an opportunity for others to further the movement for our shared values of community inclusion."

Society's Child is seeking $60,000 in funding for completion of the film's shooting and post-production. Contribute to help the film become a reality at

Society's Child

Society's Child tells the story of Dylan, set in a fictionalized coming-of-age setting inspired by his own life and challenges, in a moving tale of triumph against adversity. Written, directed, and scored by Dylan Rothbein, Society's Child is being executive-produced by Rob Bernstein and produced by Mario Pioli, with production design by Brooke Van Hensenbergen.

Dylan Rothbein

Dylan is a multitalented filmmaker, composer, musician, and neurodiversity and disability rights activist. He's an eloquent quotable source on what it's like to identify as Asperger's/dyslexic, and is the president of Neurodivergent Ventures, a company dedicated to creating music and film in order to advocate for neurodiversity.

Dylan records albums, makes films, and speaks publicly about his experiences in order to connect with the world, and to further the cause of neurodiversity and disability.

Dylan recently appeared in the award-winning film Keep the Change, which was directed by Rachel Israel.

He acted in the film as well as performing his song "Love is a Tidal Wave," which can be found on his album "Even Though We're Different".

To purchase or preview his album, visit

Learn more about his company and accomplishments at


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