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Fix it in Five Season 2 by Lynette Louise - Autism Channel

Author: Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD(i) : Contact:

Published: 2016-04-13 : (Rev. 2018-04-30)

Synopsis and Key Points:

Season Two compares Applied Behavior Analysis vs Child Centered Learning and reveals how common approach is complicit in creating violence that is blamed on autism.

Main Digest

Globe trotting, ground breaking docu-series begins second season on the autism channel - April (autism awareness month) - Fix it in Five with Lynette Louise aka the brain broad season two: San Francisco, USA...

Season two of the evocative and eye opening international autism docu-series FIX IT IN FIVE with LYNETTE LOUISE aka THE BRAIN BROAD begins airing this April, in time for Autism Awareness Month.

Season one introduced viewers around the world to a small family of two in Kampala, Uganda. Everyone quickly adored and learned with this mother-daughter duo: Over the course of five days, Lynette Louise (aka The Brain Broad) taught both mom (Milly) and her seizure ridden seven year old daughter with autism (Trisca) valuable life skills/play techniques and enough neuro science to use neurofeedback for brain function. As promised by the series host and creator, Lynette Louise, culture, finances, and diagnosis were explored, respected and, when possible, corrected. Never considered unworkable obstacles.

The highly anticipated season two invites viewers into the home of another small family. But that's where most similarities to the first family end! Five intensive days are spent with Jody and her teenage children Gina (daughter, 16) and Xavier (son, 14). Xavier's autism is in dangerous bloom as the close-knit family struggles to cope with the sexual inappropriateness of autism, tics, and family depression.

"This might be my most important show," Lynette suggests. "I'm called into homes around the world to fix violence too often. Mistakenly believed to be inherent in autism violence is often exacerbated during puberty and drugged into silence during adult life. People need to see this show. For everyone's happiness and safety, they need to know what to do before (and when) it gets dangerous." Lynette adds, "If you know what to do the danger dissipates entirely."

FIX IT IN FIVE explores challenging, sometimes controversial, topics.

Season Two, for example, compares Applied Behavior Analysis vs Child Centered Learning and reveals how the common approach is complicit in creating the violence that is then blamed on the condition of autism. While this show never shies away from a subject, it engages while offering actionable answers, infectious inspiration, and comprehensible brain science. Understanding what is happening makes improvement easier as the family learns to Fix It In Five. This show makes you want to get off your seat and engage with the world in new ways!

Using campy humor, a personified oversized brain full of toys, and entertaining graphics, the tone of the series is always hopeful, kind, playful, and engaging. Lynette's adoration and respect for the families featured is always on full display. Viewers quickly fall in love!

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