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Radio Bug - Disability Internet Radio

Author: Disabled World

Published: 2009-05-21 : (Rev. 2010-07-09)

Synopsis and Key Points:

Radio Bug presents music resources and subjects of interest to persons with disabilities and non-disabled persons through Internet broadcasting.

Main Digest

The Radio Bug Internet station has been highlighting both subjects of interest and resources of information for people with

Radio Bug presents music, resources, and subjects of interest to both persons with disabilities and non-disabled persons through Internet broadcasting and their website located at:

Starting in September of 2008, the Radio Bug Internet station has been highlighting both subjects of interest and resources of information for people with disabilities. The station has been interviewing a number of people who experience disabilities, as well as those who provide services to the disability community. Radio Bug enjoys working to bring information into the lives of the persons with disabilities it is there to serve, as well as striving to promote understanding between people who experience disability and non-disabled members of society in order to advance everyone's potential.

Radio Bug DJ's

Radio Bug has a dozen DJ's who play a wide-variety of genre's of music. Carrie Kay, one of the founders of the station, is a DJ herself. No matter what your tastes are in music, you are sure to find a show on Radio Bug that suits you. The DJ's are all very skilled and pleasant people, with personalities that are highly enjoyable to listen to.

Carrie Kay hosts, 'The Calliope,' where she plays everything from ABBA to ZZ Top, taking requests and dedications in-between. Dan Farrell reports the news with a snap, throwing in some, 'Danicized,' music to boot. Dawn presents, 'Eclectic Tunage with a flair for Classic Rock and the '80's genre. Leslie like lyricism, tickling ear-buds tenaciously. Kayt plays classic hits as well as modern marvels combined with unique charm, wit, and style. Kev's show has been described as, 'Complete Fruit Cake Madness.' Jen likes everything - she plays rock, country, jazz, blues and everything else to make you happy. Mykee T has a comedy show that is unlike anything you have ever heard before, making people laugh and throwing in music selections from the '70's through today for good measure. Umakanth plays a truly exotic mix of great hits from across time alongside excellent world music. Whatever you do - don't miss the shows that Phil, Fry, and Big Joe present.

Radio Bug Services

The Radio Bug website offers more than music! There are resources listed on the site that are valuable to persons with disabilities in three different categories. The, 'Services,' category displays resources that are related to physical goods that can enhance the lives of people with disabilities. After reviewing the items that are available, they are ones that are truly useful.

The, 'General Support Organizations,' category presents a listing of organizations that are all specifically aimed at people with disabilities. The organizations are both national and international, while some of them focus on Veterans, and others are related to community. With a policy of taking suggestions at Radio Bug, this list is sure to grow.

The third category of resources available through the Radio Bug website is focused on, 'Support Organizations by Disability.' There are a number of sites listed in this category on the Radio Bug website, with more sure to follow. Information available through this section of the website link to many different and valuable sources of information about disability.

History of Radio Bug

Carrie Kay, one of the two founders of Radio Bug, had been working as a DJ for other stations when her interests in the subject of disabilities and the rewards and challenges associated with it became foremost in her mind. Carrie is a person who has spina bifida, a disability involving her spinal column. She realized the need to spread the message that people with disabilities have just as much to offer society as everyone else. Through collaborative efforts with her partner, Mike, Radio Bug came into being. Mike was the owner of a radio station where Carrie had been working. When Mike discovered that Carrie wanted to do an Internet radio station he got behind her all the way, serving as Technical Director for Radio Bug. Carrie is the Programming Director for the station. Together, they welcome participation from others.

One of the things that is available on the Radio Bug website is a series of interviews. The interviews reflect the perspectives of people who have been directly impacted by disability, as well as the viewpoints of people who work for organizations that support persons with disabilities. Radio Bug is always open to suggestions for interviews of this type.

Radio Bug Goodies

While listening to the wonderful shows on Radio Bug, there are a number of games available for your pleasure. The games are varied and Radio Bug enjoys having people who play them send in their high scores! The games currently available on the site include:

8 Ball Pool
Robo Chess
Abbyss Def
Emo Soccer

Radio Bug Games

Radio Bug also has a chat area and an area where visitors can purchase clothing and additional items with the Radio Bug logo on them. The chat area is a fun place to meet others while listening in to your favorite DJ and playing a game on the site. After reviewing Radio Bug it is clearly an Internet Radio Station that is serving the Disability Community very well while continuing to grow and reach for highly worthwhile goals. The DJ's at Radio Bug represent a broad range of tastes in music and presentation formatting. The Radio Bug website delivers great entertainment and useful information; it is a pleasure to listen to.

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