From Silence to Sound - Deaf Man Hears for First Time

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Author: Brooklyn Girl Productions
Published: 2011/03/16 - Updated: 2019/05/03
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Synopsis: A deaf man takes a chance on a risky surgery in hopes of hearing for the first time in his life.


Deaf Man Hears for First Time on BIGSTAR - A deaf man takes a chance on a risky surgery in hopes of hearing for the first time in his life. The award-winning documentary film FROM SILENCE TO SOUND (WINNER--Best Inspirational Documentary, New York International Independent Film & Video Festival), from Brooklyn Girl Productions, is now available on BIGSTAR (

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FROM SILENCE TO SOUND is an extraordinary film that documents the quintessential life-changing moment of Justin Garrett, a man who has been profoundly deaf since birth, making history as the first recipient of a bilateral, or double, cochlear implant in Oklahoma.

Prior to the surgery, Justin had less than two percent hearing in both ears. Today he has nearly ninety-eight percent hearing, thanks to the miracles of modern medical technology delivered via his Nucleus® cochlear implants made by industry leader Cochlear.

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Director Chase Matthews offers this moving documentary about Justin Garrett, a completely deaf young man who agreed to undergo radical cochlear implant surgery that could possibly make him hear for the first time.

Matthews follows Justin as he prepares for, submits to and recovers from the high-stakes surgery. Success will reverse Justin's condition, but failure will irrevocably destine him to a lifetime of total silence.


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