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TellMe TV: World's First Netflix-like Service for the Blind Debuts in US and Canada

  • Synopsis: Published: 2016-12-05 - TellMe TV fully described video on-demand service delivers unprecedented selection of rich entertainment experiences to US and Canadian blind and vision-loss community. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Zagga Entertainment Ltd..

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Quote: "Selective accessibility has always been an issue for the visually-impaired and the community is greatly underserved by TV broadcasters - Kevin Shaw, founder and president of TellMe TV."

TellMe TV features extensive selection of fully described video on-demand entertainment programming; widens accessibility gap for visually-impaired.

Founded by Canadian media connoisseur and accessibility advocate Kevin Shaw, who lost his vision at the age of 19, TellMe TV is an exciting new destination where 100 per cent of the on-demand programming, including a diverse portfolio of movies, television shows and documentaries, in fully described video.

TellMe TV, compatible with assistive technology and available on any device that has an Internet connection, offers the over 10 million people who experience vision loss in the United States and Canada, easy and affordable access to top-notch entertainment experiences.

"TellMe TV aligns with our goals of fostering an inclusive society. Pop culture references the sighted community take for granted are now accessible to the visually-impaired," says John Rafferty, President and CEO of CNIB. "We are proud to support a member of our community, and to make movies and TV more accessible."

Armed with a Masters degree in media production focused on accessible recording technology, a deep personal understanding of accessibility and a unique perspective on media consumption, founder Kevin Shaw has spent the last four years concentrating on the research and development of accessible and affordable entertainment for the vision-loss community.

"Selective accessibility has always been an issue for the visually-impaired and the community is greatly underserved by TV broadcasters," says Kevin Shaw, founder and president of TellMe TV. "My own personal experience and frustration with the obvious deficiencies in accessible entertainment options, from DVD to video-on-demand, led me to the development of TellMe TV -- a one-stop destination that is 100 per cent accessible from the moment you enter the site."

Kevin Shaw has been advocating for the release of the TellMe TV platform since 2014, even speaking at TEDx Toronto about designing for an all-inclusive experience for the vision-loss community through described video. TellMe TV has been in beta testing for the past 12 months to ensure superior usability and to allow for the ongoing addition of programs to the roster. Currently, there are over 150 movies and shows available, accessible through a monthly fee-based subscription at

The new website features an easy to understand interface to navigate the assistive technology, while providing users a simple sign-up option via credit card. TellMe TV offers search, browse and sort functionality for its vision-loss audience, as well as a mobile-ready interface -- with dedicated apps for iOS, TVOS, Android and other platforms.

Learn More About TellMe TV and CNIB

TellMe TV (formerly Zagga Entertainment Ltd.) is solving the problem of inaccessible media for the vision-loss community to create a more inclusive society. TellMe TV is the world's first fully described video on-demand service delivering quality movies, documentaries and television to the vision-loss community via the web, mobile devices, smart TVs and other platforms. TellMe TV is committed to providing great visual storytelling that offers a richer entertainment experience for the vision-loss community. TellMe TV lets users browse, search, watch and receive recommendations for popular movies and TV shows all in one consolidated, easy-to-navigate destination, compatible with assistive technology on the web, iOS and Android devices.

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CNIB is a registered charity, passionately providing community-based support, knowledge and a national voice to ensure Canadians who are blind or partially sighted have the confidence, skills and opportunities to fully participate in life. For more information.

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