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Author: 360 Diversity
Published: 2012/04/08 - Updated: 2019/02/16
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Synopsis: The Undatables follows 8 adults with conditions ranging from Aspergers and Tourettes to facial disfigurements and brittle bone disease.


360 Diversity Hopes New Channel 4 Show Will Change Nations View On Disability.

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As new U.K. Channel 4 reality-documentary "The Undatables" airs on Tuesday night prime time, promoters of equality and diversity, 360 Diversity hope the new take on the dating show genre will transform the publics' opinion on some of society's most vulnerable people.

"The Undatables" follows 8 adults with conditions ranging from Asperger's and Tourettes, to facial disfigurements and brittle bone disease - in their quest to find love. Despite being met with initial criticism over the concept, it is hoped the show will transform peoples' perceptions of disability.

Business Development Manager Stuart Bray Says

"For me greater visibility of people with disabilities is not a bad thing, for far too long people with disabilities have been hidden from the media. Greater visibility increases the public's acceptance of those with disabilities, children will stop staring, and hopefully people's stereotypes and myths will be dispelled."

The Equality Act 2010 was set up to safeguard individuals from such discrimination and promote equality and diversity in the workplace, but this seemingly hasn't changed some peoples' opinions.

Much of the pre-show coverage has focused on sex. Research cited in The Independent showed that 70% of Britons surveyed would not consider having sex with someone with a physical disability.

The equality training specialists 360 Diversity's main concern is that the show will leave these vulnerable members of society open to ridicule.

The show's title and promotional materials seem to focus on labelling the participants as 'undateable'.

Stuart Concludes

"If the intentions of this show are good, and designed to break down barriers, then it needs applauding - but the only way to tell if this is the case is by tuning in for yourselves and making your own opinion - if it is discriminatory - vote with your power to complain."

360 diversity has, and will continue to, campaign tirelessly for equality and diversity across all sectors of society - whether in the workplace, every day life or in the media.

It is hoped that Channel 4's latest documentary will dispel people's initial concerns and help challenge perceptions of disability.


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