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Ian C. Langtree - Content Writer/Editor for Disabled World
Published: 2024/01/13 - Updated: 2024/01/15
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Synopsis: A list of casting agencies seeking people with disabilities to cast in current and upcoming films, TV shows, commercials, photo shoots, print and more. Remember to tailor your search based on your location, as opportunities and agencies may vary by region. Additionally, stay proactive in promoting your skills and unique qualities as an actor or model with a disability.


If you are interested in being cast in films or photo shoots as an individual with a disability, there are several steps you can take to increase your chances of finding opportunities. Be proactive in seeking opportunities, and regularly check websites and social media channels of casting agencies and organizations that focus on inclusion in the entertainment industry. Additionally, networking within the industry can be valuable, so attending events, workshops, and connecting with professionals can also open up possibilities. See our list of inclusive casting agencies below for further details.

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List of Inclusive Casting Agency Websites

DPDCasting - Danielle Pretsfelder Demchick Casting (New York, US)

Danielle is an advocate manifesting change in how the real world is reflected in today's media. As the co-VP of Advocacy for the Casting Society of America, her work elevating underrepresented communities has been barrier breaking and continues to motivate her to manifest change in how the real world is seen on screen.

A leader in the organization's Equity in Entertainment committee, she serves on the board of both the Casting Society of America and Casting Society Cares, where her focus is on Training & Education. She prides herself on being an ally to artists and aspiring talent of all abilities -

DirectSubmit / NYCastings - (US)

DirectSubmit / NYCastings is a casting notice listing service used by Castings Directors, Producers & Content Creators to Cast SAG-AFTRA, Actors Equity & Non-Union Actors, Models, Dancers, Singers, Voice-Over Artists & Live Acts. Casting in NY, LA, Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, Chicago, Seattle, Las Vegas, Texas, Knoxville, Boston and more -

abilityE - (US)

abilityE is a disability talent source for the entertainment industry listing thousands of talented performers with disabilities in categories like TV, Film, comedy, speakers and music. abilityE connects casting professionals to actors with disabilities who are historically overlooked and difficult to find. The benefits of increasing the visibility of people with disabilities in the entertainment industry extend far beyond the individual. If you ask most companies about their definition of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), disability rarely comes to mind. One-quarter of U.S. residents, 61 million people, have a disability. Yet less than 2% of words spoken on TV are by a person with a disability. And 95% of top TV show characters with disabilities are played by non-disabled performers -

Casting Frontier - (US)

Casting Frontier maintains one of the largest talent databases and casting call listing services in the U.S. Whether you're an actor, talent agent or manager, casting director or content creator, they offer cutting edge technology to find or post casting calls to top commercial, digital, film, print or TV projects in LA, New York and nationwide. Actors and performers can apply to open acting jobs & auditions for casting in films, TV shows, commercials, digital content print and more. Casting directors & content creators can invite you to submit video auditions to save you time and money by eliminating the need to travel to every audition -

GENUINE Casting Company - (US)

For decades, GENUINE has been the trusted real people casting source for global brands, agencies, and A-list creatives. From high profile commercials to nuanced testimonials, they foster emotionally resonant content that gets results. GENUINE specializes in finding all kinds of people for commercials, web videos, and print advertisements, and casts real people to create authentic, compelling multimedia campaigns, stories and content. For further information and to be notified of their future projects via email, sign up for their GENUINE Real People Mailing List at

VisABLE People - (UK)

VisABLE People agency supplies disabled actors, presenters and models to the advertising industry, television and film companies, radio and theatre. VisABLE is responsible for booking long term disabled artists (actors, presenters and models) for roles in dozens of popular television series. VisABLE represents highly motivated artists with disabilities of all ages but above all, abilities, including acting, modelling and presenting, many of whom have a decade or more of professional work under their belt, plus award-winning sportspeople, including World Champions and Paralympic medallists -

Disability Arts Online - (UK)

Disability Arts Online promote and advocate for inclusion of performers and creatives with disabilities in the entertainment industry. Their website features casting calls, news on films, television shows, and stage productions with disability talent, performer profiles, and demo reels -

Casting Networks - (US)

Submit to thousands of projects from the world's most prolific casting directors. Create your profile, upload your photos, reel and resume, find representation and book your next role. Their state-of-the-art casting software connects you with over 20,000 casting directors and talent reps who are looking for performers like you. Get cast in your next project. Upload your photos, reel and resume, then search thousands of commercial, television and theatrical projects and submit yourself for more roles -

Talent Systems LLC - (US, Canada, UK, Australia, India)

Talent Systems, LLC is a technology solution provider for casting, auditioning and crew hiring to the entertainment industry. Casting directors, agents and productions worldwide use Talent Systems' portfolio of products to source and manage talent across film, television, commercials, theater and digital projects, powering an unparalleled, global casting software ecosystem. Talent Systems is headquartered in Los Angeles and operates in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and India -

Actors Access - (US)

With a few simple clicks, your Actors Access profile is added to Talent Link. You choose the region (Los Angeles, New York, Southeast, and/or Midwest) and the type of representation you are seeking (Theatrical: Film/TV, Theatre, Commercial and Voice) and Agents and Managers can view your profile immediately and contact you directly via email. Actors Access post over 97% of all scripted content that requires Actors in North America. This includes film, tv, theatre, commercial, voice, and animation. We support the entire industry from Student Filmmakers to the biggest budget Studio and Network projects -

Backstage - (US)

While not exclusively focused on disabilities, Backstage often features casting calls that emphasize inclusivity and diversity. Backstage is an a multi-channel media network offering complete coverage of the performing arts industry for over 50 years. The Backstage media network addresses all aspects of the entertainment industry for actors, singers, dancers, comedians, models, and crew. Their casting notices, film and TV production listings, theatre reviews, industry interviews, audition coverage and other features have established Backstage as the industry leader to both working and aspiring performers. Build your online brand, showcase your skills and market yourself to creators and professional casting directors -

Casting agencies wishing to be added to this list, or to submit a full page feature (for free), can visit our inclusive casting agencies page.

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