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Disability Communities: Health & Disabilities Groups & Clubs Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Disability Communities & Clubs category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Disability Communities: Health & Disabilities Groups & Clubs Publications

2018-04-12 : Parents of Kids with NGLY1 Deficiency Lead Urgent Push for Cure : Parents of kids with rare disease lead urgent push for cure - Global Family Advisory Board to aid critical race to cure NGLY1 deficiency.

2018-04-11 : wheelAIR Seek Wheelchair Users to Join Exclusive wheelAIR PRO Community : Award-winning wheelchair cooling backrest cushion start-up, wheelAIR, are seeking outgoing manual wheelchair users to join their exclusive wheelAIR PRO community.

2014-07-31 : PlusInc - Promoting Fair and Equal Treatment of People of All Sizes : PlusInc promotes size-friendly policy initiatives including combating size related discrimination and stigma through educational and social activities.

2014-03-09 : DAWN-RAFH Canada - Working for Women with Disabilities : Information regarding founding and mission of DAWN-RAFH to end isolation, poverty, violence and discrimination experienced by women with disabilities.

2014-01-21 : Organization Brings Hope to Those with Cluster Headaches : ClusterBusters is a non-profit research and educational organization dedicated to finding effective treatment of cluster headaches worldwide.

2012-05-06 : People with Disabilities, Family and Financial Hard Times : Economic stability affects people with disabilities and family members whether a person with a disability is living independently or in long-term care.

2012-04-27 : The Affordable Care Act and The Community First Choice Option : Different states in America can provide services to people who are eligible for Medicaid whose incomes do not exceed 150% of poverty.

2012-01-14 : Down Syndrome Education Website : The Down syndrome Education website offers people a very comprehensive and reliable source of updated information and resources.

2011-11-12 : Net Literacy - Programs Serving Students, People with Disabilities, and Seniors : Net Literacy works to increase digital literacy and inclusion while giving student volunteers life and job skills by serving communities.

2011-10-26 : Netbuddy Community - Learning Disabilities Information and Support : The Netbuddy website features ideas and handy tips submitted by parents teachers care providers and therapists who have experience with learning disabilities.

2011-10-05 : A Touch of Understanding and Education : A Touch of Understanding provides disability awareness programs designed to educate new generations with understanding of challenges associated with disabilities.

2011-09-12 : Disabled Veterans National Foundation - Working for Veterans of America : The DVNF serves the needs of underserved veterans including homeless veterans, women veterans, and veterans who experience PTSD, brain injuries, and invisible disabilities.

2011-08-27 : Facebook Profiles Can Jeopardize Your Disability Benefits : What you post on MySpace and FaceBook community sites in your profile and updates can cause you to lose disability benefit payments.

2011-07-27 : Men For Women Now : Men for Women Now community will be the foremost online destination for men affected by a loved ones cancer diagnosis.

2011-07-25 : Canadians Living with Fibromyalgia - New Information Site : New website developed specifically for Canadians brings together information on fibromyalgia including research and data about the condition.

2011-07-15 : Google+ Social Networking Community : Features of Google+ include the ability to create hangouts using your webcam and adding areas of interest under Sparks section.

2011-05-23 : Memorializing Veterans Service On Together We Served : Urging veterans to join Together We Served and create a record of their service for the benefit of their families and future generations.

2011-05-17 : Website Counts Growing Number of Disabling Illnesses and Injuries : Website illustrates growing number of working age Americans who experience a disabling illness or injury lasting for 30 days or longer.

2011-05-05 : Information Connections for Parents of Children With Disabilities : Information Connections is an informative website for parents of children with developmental disabilities and chronic diseases.

2011-03-10 : Social Network Community for Parents of Visually Impaired Children : FamilyFriends is an innovative community and social network for parents and caregivers of visually impaired children.

2011-02-09 : Social Networking Sites for Diabetics : Diabetes is only one illness in the rapidly growing list for which there are online social networks with thousands of users.

2011-02-09 : Core Children's Services Website : Core Childrens Services launch of new website to promote the broad range of services available for children young people and families across the UK.

2011-01-28 : Forum for People Needing Assistance or Seeking Housing : Enabling elderly and disabled to remain in their own homes by locating live-in help provided by those in need of housing.

2010-12-17 : My Optimal Health Club : My Optimal Health Club leverages power of coaching and self-management for chronic illness.

2010-12-06 : Inclusive Connections for Parents of Children with Disabilities : Inclusive Connections Website supports parents and friends of children with disabilities by providing a social networking forum.

2010-11-14 : Debt Collectors Explore Online Communities Like Facebook and MySpace : Protecting your privacy on Facebook and MySpace is very important especially if you expect to be tracked down by a collection agency for unpaid debts.

2010-11-07 : Urological and Continence Care Website : UroMed Launches New Urological and Continence Care Website for People Seeking Catheters and Medical Supplies.

2010-11-03 : Website Community for Parents with Children with Disabilities - Inclusive Connections : Inclusive Connections Website community will support parents and friends of children with disabilities by providing up-to-date information.

2010-10-28 : Exoskeleton Robots for Wheelchair Users : Manufacturers around the world will be bringing robotic exoskeletons for wheelchair users to the global disability market.

2010-10-24 : I Live with a Disability - Social Community for Persons with a Disability : Social networking platform for people with disabilities and their families.

2010-09-30 : Healthcare-Associated Infections - HAI WATCHDOG Community : The HAI WATCHDOG Community is a place online where healthcare providers can discuss best practices for defeating HAIs.

2010-09-23 : Creating a Powerful Voice for People with Lived Experience of Disability and Health Conditions : Unified organization to be known provisionally as the Disability Rights Partnership.

2010-09-01 : Spina Bifida Week Needs Community Support - NSW Australia : Minister for Disability Services has called on Australians seeking to support Spina Bifida Awareness Week.

2010-07-29 : RecruitMilitary - A Veteran-Owned Employment Firm : Connecting franchisers employers and educational institutions with men and women who are transitioning from active duty to civilian life.

2010-06-23 : Earn Money Online with Freedom Disability Referral Program : People with disabilities can earn extra income online with $100 per referral Freedom Disability Referral Program for disabled.

2010-06-23 : Statement on the One Year Anniversary of Obama Year Of Community Living Initiative : System to link persons with disabilities to affordable housing in their home communities.

2010-06-14 : Integrates Innovative Personalization Features : provides comprehensive information about disability related programs services laws and benefits.

2010-06-01 : Disaboom: Disability Community for Persons with Disabilities : was an online social network for the disabled and information resource for people with disabilities.

2010-04-19 : Share a Story and Get in Touch with People Affected by Cancer : Dear Cancer is a cancer community where anyone affected by cancer can express his or her feelings or story.

2010-04-18 : Save the Patient - A Health Care Information Website : Save the Patient provides information for people related to health care including health care providers.

2010-04-15 : Blog for Women Over Seventy : community is for senior women to meet and learn from each other online.

2010-04-07 : Online Social Networking Community for Amputees : Online social networking community for amputees and persons affected by limb loss.

2010-04-01 : Wireless Health-care for Diabetes : Online communities offer people with chronic illnesses such as diabetes wireless healthcare services via mobile phones and the internet.

2010-03-23 : Live-At-Home Web site Assists Seniors with Aging at Home : is a free Web site designed to assist seniors with aging at home.

2010-03-22 : 1 in7 Americans Lose a Parent or Sibling Before Age 20 - Comfort Zone Camp : The untold burden of loss and grief one in seven americans lose a parent or sibling before the age of 20.

2010-03-22 : Your Care Matters Online Community for Caregivers : Care Matters online community offering support and simple solutions to make caregiving less complicated.

2010-03-10 : Virtual Senior Center Connects Homebound Seniors to Community and Family : Virtual Senior Center uses computer video and Internet technology to create interactive experience for homebound seniors.

2010-03-09 : Accessible Online Health and Wellness Professionals : eClinic Offers a Host of Health and Wellness Information and Expertise Regardless of Physical Location.

2010-02-19 : Website Community for Women Over Fifty : Fab Over Fifty website where women over fifty share wisdom and recommendations about beauty fashion health books restaurants and wine.

2010-01-31 : Corporation for Artistic Development - Legacy Disability Art Gallery Museum : Information on The Corporation for Artistic Development and Legacy disability galleries and museums.

2010-01-06 : Patient Share Helps Patients Find New Treatment Options : Patient Share community helps patients share treatment experiences to help find effective cures and treatments.

2009-12-14 : Starbright World a Community for Sick Teens gets Makeover : Starbright World is an online social network for sick teens and teen siblings of sick kids.

2009-12-11 : The Spectrum Network Helps People Live and Work in the Community : The Spectrum Network for adults with mental illness and people who experience developmental physical or intellectual disabilities.

2009-12-09 : Birth Injury Community Website : contains tools contacts and references for parents in need of care for their child afflicted by a birth injury.

2009-12-09 : - Community Support for Warriors : Not Alone draws on a group of unique individuals with personal experiences in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

2009-11-27 : Social Networking Website for People with Learning Disabilities : International social networking website specifically designed for people with learning disabilities.

2009-10-18 : Mosaic Services for Persons with Developmental Disabilities : Mosaic is a faith based organization that serves people with developmental disabilities in several states in America.

2009-09-25 : My Child Without Limits - United Cerebral Palsy : My Child Without Limits is a place for parents worried that their child is not developing like other children.

2009-09-10 : Community Groups Key to Good Health : The quality of a persons community group social life could have greater impact than diet and exercise on their health and well-being.

2009-08-27 : Livewire Siblings Community : Livewire Siblings is a free safe and supportive community where young people can meet and chat online with other siblings.

2009-07-28 : - Disability-related Programs and Services : offers comprehensive information about programs and services to better serve more than 50 million Americans with disabilities.

2009-07-20 : Best Buddies - Building Intellectual Disability Friendships : Best Buddies promotes integrated employment and leadership development for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

2009-07-02 : The BC Coalition of People with Disabilities Website : A review of the BC Coalition of People with Disabilities Website a provincial cross disability site in British Columbia.

2009-04-29 : Center on Disability and Community Inclusion and UCEDD : The Center on Disability and Community Inclusion is part of a national network of University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities UCEDD.

2009-04-25 : Wheelchair Pride: More Than Just Another Wheelchair Blog : Wheelchair Pride is a new blog which has just been released but wheelchair pride is more than just a blog it is a movement.

2009-04-13 : Parkinson's Disease Support Groups Grow : Support groups provide an important avenue toward learning more about Parkinsons disease.

2009-04-11 : Accessible Web Site for the Deaf Community : The Deaf community can easily find information see latest classes and events and purchase items from the gift shop all online.

2009-02-24 : Australian Community Site for Parents Raising Kids with Autism Spectrum : Raising Children Network will today launch the national website for parents of young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

2009-02-24 : Seniors Overcoming Loneliness at Home : While most everyone has experienced loneliness at some point it is todays seniors who are most likely to feel alone and lonely.

2009-02-24 : Healthlink Worldwide Health and Disability Community Communication : Healthlink Worldwide is the specialist health and development agency that empowers through communication.

2009-02-24 : Disability Community Inclusion : CAHD concentrates on all types of community groups including disability and those not normally included in development programs.

2009-02-23 : Disabled World Seeks Bloggers for Disability Community : Create a blog at Disabled World and build your reputation as an expert in the health and disability community.

2009-02-20 : Livewire a Disability Community for Kids : Livewire is an online disability community for Australian children with disabilities or illnesses to communicate with other kids.

2009-02-18 : Disabled World Disability Community Information : A press release about Disabled World written on February 21st 2009 by Thomas C. Weiss M.A..

2009-02-12 : Disabled World Opens New Disability Community : Disabled World an online community for persons with disabilities announced today the opening of their new online community for people with disabilities and health problems.

2009-02-02 : Joining a Popular Online Social Networking Community for Friendship and Information : Information on social networking defined as grouping individuals together into specific groups like a small community or neighborhood.

2008-12-29 : Online Disability Community List : List of online disability community social networking websites for the disabled and health impaired.

2008-12-29 : Disability Community Not Just for Disabled : A Disability Community is defined as a meeting place for persons with disabilities Disabled World provides a free disability community for seniors and the disabled.

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