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Disability Communities: Health & Disabilities Groups & Clubs Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Disability Communities & Clubs category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2014-07-31PlusInc - Promoting Fair and Equal Treatment of People of All Sizes
2014-03-09DAWN-RAFH Canada - Working for Women with Disabilities
2014-01-21Organization Brings Hope to Those with Cluster Headaches
2012-05-06People with Disabilities, Family and Financial Hard Times
2012-04-27The Affordable Care Act and The Community First Choice Option
2012-01-14Down Syndrome Education Website
2011-11-12Net Literacy - Programs Serving Students, People with Disabilities, and Seniors
2011-10-26Netbuddy Community - Learning Disabilities Information and Support
2011-10-05A Touch of Understanding and Education
2011-09-12Disabled Veterans National Foundation - Working for Veterans of America
2011-08-27Facebook Profiles Can Jeopardize Your Disability Benefits
2011-07-27Men For Women Now
2011-07-25Canadians Living with Fibromyalgia - New Information Site
2011-07-15Google+ Social Networking Community
2011-05-23Memorializing Veterans Service On Together We Served
2011-05-17Website Counts Growing Number of Disabling Illnesses and Injuries
2011-05-05Information Connections for Parents of Children With Disabilities
2011-03-10Social Network Community for Parents of Visually Impaired Children
2011-02-09Social Networking Sites for Diabetics
2011-02-09Core Children's Services Website
2011-01-28Forum for People Needing Assistance or Seeking Housing
2010-12-17My Optimal Health Club
2010-12-06Inclusive Connections for Parents of Children with Disabilities
2010-11-14Debt Collectors Explore Online Communities Like Facebook and MySpace
2010-11-07Urological and Continence Care Website
2010-11-03Website Community for Parents with Children with Disabilities - Inclusive Connections
2010-10-28Exoskeleton Robots for Wheelchair Users
2010-10-24I Live with a Disability - Social Community for Persons with a Disability
2010-09-30Healthcare-Associated Infections - HAI WATCHDOG Community
2010-09-23Creating a Powerful Voice for People with Lived Experience of Disability and Health Conditions
2010-09-01Spina Bifida Week Needs Community Support - NSW Australia
2010-07-29RecruitMilitary - A Veteran-Owned Employment Firm
2010-06-23Earn Money Online with Freedom Disability Referral Program
2010-06-23Statement on the One Year Anniversary of Obama Year Of Community Living Initiative Integrates Innovative Personalization Features
2010-06-01Disaboom: Disability Community for Persons with Disabilities
2010-04-19Share a Story and Get in Touch with People Affected by Cancer
2010-04-18Save the Patient - A Health Care Information Website Blog for Women Over Seventy
2010-04-07Online Social Networking Community for Amputees
2010-04-01Wireless Health-care for Diabetes
2010-03-23Live-At-Home Web site Assists Seniors with Aging at Home
2010-03-221 in7 Americans Lose a Parent or Sibling Before Age 20 - Comfort Zone Camp
2010-03-22Your Care Matters Online Community for Caregivers
2010-03-10Virtual Senior Center Connects Homebound Seniors to Community and Family
2010-03-09Accessible Online Health and Wellness Professionals
2010-02-19Website Community for Women Over Fifty
2010-01-31Corporation for Artistic Development - Legacy Disability Art Gallery Museum
2010-01-06Patient Share Helps Patients Find New Treatment Options
2009-12-14Starbright World a Community for Sick Teens gets Makeover
2009-12-11The Spectrum Network Helps People Live and Work in the Community Birth Injury Community Website - Community Support for Warriors
2009-11-27Social Networking Website for People with Learning Disabilities
2009-10-18Mosaic Services for Persons with Developmental Disabilities
2009-09-25My Child Without Limits - United Cerebral Palsy
2009-09-10Community Groups Key to Good Health
2009-08-27Livewire Siblings Community - Disability-related Programs and Services
2009-07-20Best Buddies - Building Intellectual Disability Friendships
2009-07-02The BC Coalition of People with Disabilities Website
2009-04-29Center on Disability and Community Inclusion and UCEDD
2009-04-25Wheelchair Pride: More Than Just Another Wheelchair Blog
2009-04-13Parkinson's Disease Support Groups Grow
2009-04-11Accessible Web Site for the Deaf Community
2009-02-24Australian Community Site for Parents Raising Kids with Autism Spectrum
2009-02-24Seniors Overcoming Loneliness at Home
2009-02-24Healthlink Worldwide Health and Disability Community Communication
2009-02-24Disability Community Inclusion
2009-02-23Disabled World Seeks Bloggers for Disability Community
2009-02-20Livewire a Disability Community for Kids
2009-02-18Disabled World Disability Community Information
2009-02-12Disabled World Opens New Disability Community
2009-02-02Joining a Popular Online Social Networking Community for Friendship and Information
2008-12-29Online Disability Community List
2008-12-29Disability Community Not Just for Disabled

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Loan Information for low income singles, families, seniors and disabled. Includes home, vehicle and personal loans.

Famous People with Disabilities - Well known people with disabilities and conditions who contributed to society.

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