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Disability Communities: Health & Disabilities Groups & Clubs Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Disability Communities & Clubs category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

Disability Communities: Health & Disabilities Groups & Clubs
2018-04-12 : Parents of Kids with NGLY1 Deficiency Lead Urgent Push for Cure : Parents of kids with rare disease lead urgent push for cure - Global Family Advisory Board to aid critical race to cure NGLY1 deficiency.
2018-04-11 : wheelAIR Seek Wheelchair Users to Join Exclusive wheelAIR PRO Community : Award-winning wheelchair cooling backrest cushion start-up, wheelAIR, are seeking outgoing manual wheelchair users to join their exclusive wheelAIR PRO community.
2014-07-31 : PlusInc - Promoting Fair and Equal Treatment of People of All Sizes : PlusInc promotes size-friendly policy initiatives including combating size related discrimination and stigma through educational and social activities.
2014-03-09 : DAWN-RAFH Canada - Working for Women with Disabilities : Information regarding founding and mission of DAWN-RAFH to end isolation, poverty, violence and discrimination experienced by women with disabilities.
2014-01-21 : Organization Brings Hope to Those with Cluster Headaches : ClusterBusters is a non-profit research and educational organization dedicated to finding effective treatment of cluster headaches worldwide.
2012-05-06 : People with Disabilities, Family and Financial Hard Times : Economic stability affects people with disabilities and family members whether a person with a disability is living independently or in long-term care.
2012-04-27 : The Affordable Care Act and The Community First Choice Option : Different states in America can provide services to people who are eligible for Medicaid whose incomes do not exceed 150% of poverty.
2012-01-14 : Down Syndrome Education Website : The Down syndrome Education website offers people a very comprehensive and reliable source of updated information and resources.
2011-11-12 : Net Literacy - Programs Serving Students, People with Disabilities, and Seniors : Net Literacy works to increase digital literacy and inclusion while giving student volunteers life and job skills by serving communities.
2011-10-26 : Netbuddy Community - Learning Disabilities Information and Support : The Netbuddy website features ideas and handy tips submitted by parents teachers care providers and therapists who have experience with learning disabilities.
2011-10-05 : A Touch of Understanding and Education : A Touch of Understanding provides disability awareness programs designed to educate new generations with understanding of challenges associated with disabilities.
2011-09-12 : Disabled Veterans National Foundation - Working for Veterans of America : The DVNF serves the needs of underserved veterans including homeless veterans, women veterans, and veterans who experience PTSD, brain injuries, and invisible disabilities.
2011-08-27 : Facebook Profiles Can Jeopardize Your Disability Benefits : What you post on MySpace and FaceBook community sites in your profile and updates can cause you to lose disability benefit payments.
2011-07-27 : Men For Women Now : Men for Women Now community will be the foremost online destination for men affected by a loved ones cancer diagnosis.
2011-07-25 : Canadians Living with Fibromyalgia - New Information Site : New website developed specifically for Canadians brings together information on fibromyalgia including research and data about the condition.
2011-07-15 : Google+ Social Networking Community : Features of Google+ include the ability to create hangouts using your webcam and adding areas of interest under Sparks section.
2011-05-23 : Memorializing Veterans Service On Together We Served : Urging veterans to join Together We Served and create a record of their service for the benefit of their families and future generations.
2011-05-17 : Website Counts Growing Number of Disabling Illnesses and Injuries : Website illustrates growing number of working age Americans who experience a disabling illness or injury lasting for 30 days or longer.
2011-05-05 : Information Connections for Parents of Children With Disabilities : Information Connections is an informative website for parents of children with developmental disabilities and chronic diseases.
2011-03-10 : Social Network Community for Parents of Visually Impaired Children : FamilyFriends is an innovative community and social network for parents and caregivers of visually impaired children.
2011-02-09 : Social Networking Sites for Diabetics : Diabetes is only one illness in the rapidly growing list for which there are online social networks with thousands of users.
2011-02-09 : Core Children's Services Website : Core Childrens Services launch of new website to promote the broad range of services available for children young people and families across the UK.
2011-01-28 : Forum for People Needing Assistance or Seeking Housing : Enabling elderly and disabled to remain in their own homes by locating live-in help provided by those in need of housing.
2010-12-17 : My Optimal Health Club : My Optimal Health Club leverages power of coaching and self-management for chronic illness.
2010-12-06 : Inclusive Connections for Parents of Children with Disabilities : Inclusive Connections Website supports parents and friends of children with disabilities by providing a social networking forum.
2010-11-14 : Debt Collectors Explore Online Communities Like Facebook and MySpace : Protecting your privacy on Facebook and MySpace is very important especially if you expect to be tracked down by a collection agency for unpaid debts.
2010-11-07 : Urological and Continence Care Website : UroMed Launches New Urological and Continence Care Website for People Seeking Catheters and Medical Supplies.
2010-11-03 : Website Community for Parents with Children with Disabilities - Inclusive Connections : Inclusive Connections Website community will support parents and friends of children with disabilities by providing up-to-date information.
2010-10-28 : Exoskeleton Robots for Wheelchair Users : Manufacturers around the world will be bringing robotic exoskeletons for wheelchair users to the global disability market.
2010-10-24 : I Live with a Disability - Social Community for Persons with a Disability : Social networking platform for people with disabilities and their families.
2010-09-30 : Healthcare-Associated Infections - HAI WATCHDOG Community : The HAI WATCHDOG Community is a place online where healthcare providers can discuss best practices for defeating HAIs.
2010-09-23 : Creating a Powerful Voice for People with Lived Experience of Disability and Health Conditions : Unified organization to be known provisionally as the Disability Rights Partnership.
2010-09-01 : Spina Bifida Week Needs Community Support - NSW Australia : Minister for Disability Services has called on Australians seeking to support Spina Bifida Awareness Week.
2010-07-29 : RecruitMilitary - A Veteran-Owned Employment Firm : Connecting franchisers employers and educational institutions with men and women who are transitioning from active duty to civilian life.
2010-06-23 : Earn Money Online with Freedom Disability Referral Program : People with disabilities can earn extra income online with $100 per referral Freedom Disability Referral Program for disabled.
2010-06-23 : Statement on the One Year Anniversary of Obama Year Of Community Living Initiative : System to link persons with disabilities to affordable housing in their home communities.
2010-06-14 : Integrates Innovative Personalization Features : provides comprehensive information about disability related programs services laws and benefits.
2010-06-01 : Disaboom: Disability Community for Persons with Disabilities : was an online social network for the disabled and information resource for people with disabilities.
2010-04-19 : Share a Story and Get in Touch with People Affected by Cancer : Dear Cancer is a cancer community where anyone affected by cancer can express his or her feelings or story.
2010-04-18 : Save the Patient - A Health Care Information Website : Save the Patient provides information for people related to health care including health care providers.
2010-04-15 : Blog for Women Over Seventy : community is for senior women to meet and learn from each other online.
2010-04-07 : Online Social Networking Community for Amputees : Online social networking community for amputees and persons affected by limb loss.
2010-04-01 : Wireless Health-care for Diabetes : Online communities offer people with chronic illnesses such as diabetes wireless healthcare services via mobile phones and the internet.
2010-03-23 : Live-At-Home Web site Assists Seniors with Aging at Home : is a free Web site designed to assist seniors with aging at home.
2010-03-22 : 1 in7 Americans Lose a Parent or Sibling Before Age 20 - Comfort Zone Camp : The untold burden of loss and grief one in seven americans lose a parent or sibling before the age of 20.
2010-03-22 : Your Care Matters Online Community for Caregivers : Care Matters online community offering support and simple solutions to make caregiving less complicated.
2010-03-10 : Virtual Senior Center Connects Homebound Seniors to Community and Family : Virtual Senior Center uses computer video and Internet technology to create interactive experience for homebound seniors.
2010-03-09 : Accessible Online Health and Wellness Professionals : eClinic Offers a Host of Health and Wellness Information and Expertise Regardless of Physical Location.
2010-02-19 : Website Community for Women Over Fifty : Fab Over Fifty website where women over fifty share wisdom and recommendations about beauty fashion health books restaurants and wine.
2010-01-31 : Corporation for Artistic Development - Legacy Disability Art Gallery Museum : Information on The Corporation for Artistic Development and Legacy disability galleries and museums.
2010-01-06 : Patient Share Helps Patients Find New Treatment Options : Patient Share community helps patients share treatment experiences to help find effective cures and treatments.
2009-12-14 : Starbright World a Community for Sick Teens gets Makeover : Starbright World is an online social network for sick teens and teen siblings of sick kids.
2009-12-11 : The Spectrum Network Helps People Live and Work in the Community : The Spectrum Network for adults with mental illness and people who experience developmental physical or intellectual disabilities.
2009-12-09 : Birth Injury Community Website : contains tools contacts and references for parents in need of care for their child afflicted by a birth injury.
2009-12-09 : - Community Support for Warriors : Not Alone draws on a group of unique individuals with personal experiences in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
2009-11-27 : Social Networking Website for People with Learning Disabilities : International social networking website specifically designed for people with learning disabilities.
2009-10-18 : Mosaic Services for Persons with Developmental Disabilities : Mosaic is a faith based organization that serves people with developmental disabilities in several states in America.
2009-09-25 : My Child Without Limits - United Cerebral Palsy : My Child Without Limits is a place for parents worried that their child is not developing like other children.
2009-09-10 : Community Groups Key to Good Health : The quality of a persons community group social life could have greater impact than diet and exercise on their health and well-being.
2009-08-27 : Livewire Siblings Community : Livewire Siblings is a free safe and supportive community where young people can meet and chat online with other siblings.
2009-07-28 : - Disability-related Programs and Services : offers comprehensive information about programs and services to better serve more than 50 million Americans with disabilities.
2009-07-20 : Best Buddies - Building Intellectual Disability Friendships : Best Buddies promotes integrated employment and leadership development for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
2009-07-02 : The BC Coalition of People with Disabilities Website : A review of the BC Coalition of People with Disabilities Website a provincial cross disability site in British Columbia.
2009-04-29 : Center on Disability and Community Inclusion and UCEDD : The Center on Disability and Community Inclusion is part of a national network of University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities UCEDD.
2009-04-25 : Wheelchair Pride: More Than Just Another Wheelchair Blog : Wheelchair Pride is a new blog which has just been released but wheelchair pride is more than just a blog it is a movement.
2009-04-13 : Parkinson's Disease Support Groups Grow : Support groups provide an important avenue toward learning more about Parkinsons disease.
2009-04-11 : Accessible Web Site for the Deaf Community : The Deaf community can easily find information see latest classes and events and purchase items from the gift shop all online.
2009-02-24 : Australian Community Site for Parents Raising Kids with Autism Spectrum : Raising Children Network will today launch the national website for parents of young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
2009-02-24 : Seniors Overcoming Loneliness at Home : While most everyone has experienced loneliness at some point it is todays seniors who are most likely to feel alone and lonely.
2009-02-24 : Healthlink Worldwide Health and Disability Community Communication : Healthlink Worldwide is the specialist health and development agency that empowers through communication.
2009-02-24 : Disability Community Inclusion : CAHD concentrates on all types of community groups including disability and those not normally included in development programs.
2009-02-23 : Disabled World Seeks Bloggers for Disability Community : Create a blog at Disabled World and build your reputation as an expert in the health and disability community.
2009-02-20 : Livewire a Disability Community for Kids : Livewire is an online disability community for Australian children with disabilities or illnesses to communicate with other kids.
2009-02-18 : Disabled World Disability Community Information : A press release about Disabled World written on February 21st 2009 by Thomas C. Weiss M.A..
2009-02-12 : Disabled World Opens New Disability Community : Disabled World an online community for persons with disabilities announced today the opening of their new online community for people with disabilities and health problems.
2009-02-02 : Joining a Popular Online Social Networking Community for Friendship and Information : Information on social networking defined as grouping individuals together into specific groups like a small community or neighborhood.
2008-12-29 : Online Disability Community List : List of online disability community social networking websites for the disabled and health impaired.
2008-12-29 : Disability Community Not Just for Disabled : A Disability Community is defined as a meeting place for persons with disabilities Disabled World provides a free disability community for seniors and the disabled.

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