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Share a Story and Get in Touch with People Affected by Cancer

Author: Matthew Kanerama

Published: 2010-04-19 : (Rev. 2010-07-09)

Synopsis and Key Points:

Dear Cancer is a cancer community where anyone affected by cancer can express his or her feelings or story.

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Dear Cancer is a cancer community where anyone affected by cancer can express his or her feelings or story of what they're going through.

It's a platform for not only those with cancer but for folks that have been touched by cancer in other ways. If you have always wanted to say something to cancer or tell it really how you feel this is your chance.

Cancer can be show up in many forms and some common types of cancer are; Bladder Cancer, Breast Cancer, Melanoma, Pancreatic Cancer, Leukemia, Lung Cancer, Thyroid Cancer and more. Unfortunately, there are millions who suffer from this at some point in their life. The numbers are staggering when it comes to how many people will be affected by this disease in their lifetime. Unfortunately, almost everyone will know or know someone who has had cancer touch some part of their lives.

Dear Cancer is a cancer community that has been formed for people affected by cancer, or friends and relatives of cancer affected people. Anyone can use this site to get things off their mind about what they always wanted to say to cancer or to the cancer community. This is a platform to express your feelings on this deadly disease. There are many cancer communities available online and has been formed to let people write their stories. Stories not only of how they're feeling or when they were diagnosed or cursing this disease but of anything else as well.

Cancer communities are formed for those people who want to do something good for making people educated by sharing their own experience. It can be a generous idea to write your own thoughts freely and without fear that might help many people who read your story. This cancer community is for those who want to support others by sharing their story.

The cancer community at is to connect with others and make them united to fight against cancer. Expressing yourself or reading other stories will definitely make you feel stronger than ever. It can help take the fear out of you once you get a chance to read what others went through or what they have to say to cancer.

Think about other times in your life when you've been able to say exactly what you feel to someone or something that has influenced your life so much. Didn't it feel great to get it off your chest and out of your mind. Now you can have that same feeling when you get your story off of your chest and tell cancer how you feel.

Expressing and reading the stories in the Dear Cancer community can make you strong. Dear Cancer is the cancer community where the person affected by cancer can express his feelings and write about oneself. It's a platform for not only cancer affected people but for the ones who want to be part of this cancer community. is a cancer community with no profit motives that just seeks to provide a place to share an experience as well as share questions with others from the comfort of your own home. It is dedicated to the needs of Cancer patients, survivors, friends, caregivers and professionals. It's also dedicated to anyone that has ever had cancer touch their life in some way. Don't wait, post a story now at

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