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Disability Community Not Just for Disabled

Published: 2008-12-29 - Updated: 2016-09-23
Author: Disabled World | Contact: Disabled World

Synopsis: A Disability Community is defined as a meeting place for persons with disabilities Disabled World provides a free disability community for seniors and the disabled.

Main Digest

Today, it is great to see the number of disability community websites that cater for persons with disabilities increasing and covering all types of health conditions, ages, and facets of community life.

In Other News:

What is a Disability Community

A Disability Community would be defined as a gathering or meeting place for persons with disabilities. An Online Disability Community would be described as a website where people can interact with one another by chat rooms, discussion areas, and other interactive social networking areas.

A few years ago there were very few websites that provided resources for the disabled, let alone dedicated social networking sites that specifically addressed health and disability issues in an online community. Today, it is great to see the number of community websites that cater for persons with disabilities increasing and covering all types of disabilities, ages, and facets of community life.

One such Disability Community is owned and operated by Lynn and Disabled World, the couple behind the popular website for persons with disabilities, Disabled World.

The Disabled World Disability Community welcomes not only those with disabilities and health conditions, but also seniors - including baby boomers, caregivers and workers who provide support and community services, their families and friends, and able bodied members who would like to meet compatible people who happen to have a disability or health condition.

Interactive areas on the disability community include:

Becoming a member and accessing all areas of the disability community is completely free. And with exciting new features constantly being added to the community regularly, there is always something new to read and participate in.

As the world's population continues to age we will see more and more people joining an online health or disability community. The majority of our aging population, known as baby boomers, are already computer literate and eager to seek and share information with others regarding various health and wellness conditions that will eventually effect all of us.

About Us

Disabled World is an independent disability community established in 2004 to provide disability news and information to people with disabilities, seniors, and their family and/or carers. See our homepage for informative reviews, exclusive stories and how-tos. You can connect with us on social media such as Twitter and Facebook or learn more about Disabled World on our about us page.

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