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Facebook Profiles Can Jeopardize Your Disability Benefits

  • Published: 2011-08-27 - Contact: Shifrin Newman Smith Inc.
  • Synopsis: What you post on MySpace and FaceBook community sites in your profile and updates can cause you to lose disability benefit payments.

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Be careful what you post on Facebook - it could end up hurting your SSD claim...

Through social networking websites like Facebook and MySpace, more and more of our personal lives are ending up flashed across the Internet.

While many thoroughly enjoy social networking and its many benefits, being careless with your profile can have grave financial consequences: disability insurers and even the Social Security Administration are increasingly turning to sites like Facebook to dig up evidence that can be used to deny a disability claim.

Photos, Posts Can Be Problematic

The issue at question in most Social Security Disability cases is whether or not you are capable of working. As such, it is easy to see how photos or videos of you dancing, hiking, etc. posted to a Facebook page could be interpreted as harmful to your cause.

Even posts and "status" updates that talk about something as innocuous as weekend plans can be taken out of context by a Social Security Judge or reviewer. Sure, you may know you were only joking around about something you wrote on Facebook, but you do not want to have to later explain that to a Judge.

Of course, you can control what is on your own profile to an extent. But, your friends may post candid photos of you at events or write online content about you that could cast you in an unfavorable light to someone investigating your Social Security Disability claim. Ask your friends to watch what they post about you, and remove tags of yourself in potentially harmful images.

Adjust Privacy Settings, Watch Content

If you are pursuing a disability claim, it may be best to simply refrain from having a social networking page. If you are unwilling to make this sacrifice, you should at least be very careful about what you post and what is posted about you online.

Adjusting your privacy settings can also be hugely beneficial.

The default privacy settings on Facebook allow just about anyone to take a gander at your page, only trusted friends and relatives should have full access. Simply by clicking the account button and scrolling to the privacy settings page, you can restrict who is allowed to view various Facebook content.

Obtaining disability benefits can be a lengthy process. But, by being cautious about your online presence and retaining the services of a local Social Security Disability attorney, you can be well on your way to receiving the benefits you deserve.

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