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Published: 2010/01/31
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Synopsis: Information on The Corporation for Artistic Development and Legacy disability galleries and museums. Information on The Corporation for Artistic Development and Legacy disability galleries and museums.


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Information on The Corporation for Artistic Development and Legacy disability galleries and museums.

The Corporation for Artistic Development (CAD) uses arts to improve neighborhoods, parks, businesses and homes with creative outdoor and indoor upgrades. CAD also enhances personal lives and careers for the disabled, youth and artists.

Legacy is one of Corporation for Artistic Development (CAD, Inc.) many programs at Regal Towers.

Q: What's the difference in Legacy and other disability galleries and museums

A: Artists are asked to come and do live demonstrations and showcase their talents and share stories about their success to encourage others with and without disabilities. Sometimes artists are funded to temporarily reside at Regal Towers.

Q: How is the store at Legacy different from other museum and art gallery stores

A: Artists can take bids for their artistic work in a silent or live auction or have a vendor table to sell their work. Artists sell more than artwork. They sell their books, products, business services and get interviews with employers and buyers.

Q: Why would people visit Legacy when they can go on-line and see more art work and history of the disabled

A: Legacy does not and cannot compete with the huge disability arts programs, museums and art galleries. Legacy is smaller and more intimate, interactive and hands-on activity based for its guest. They can enjoy workshops, readings, entertainment, art demonstrations, games, contests and receive employment and resource opportunities, etc. Legacy encourages people to visit on-line museums for more enrichment. An artist residency is periodically offered for artists to stay in a Regal Towers Apartment rent free while they complete an artistic project and then perform or showcase it.

Q: Does Legacy showcase only the art and crafts created by special needs artists

A: No, also showcased are their films, books, fashion designs and inventions. We invite local, national and artists abroad, in addition to, disabled business owners, executives, bands and performing artists. Artists may also be contracted to teach.

Q: How can disabled artists benefit other than showing and selling their works

A: Monthly, a disabled youth and a disabled adult receive a cash award or gift and are featured in various media.

Q: How can a disabled artist receive a cash award or gift

A: The public votes for their favorite artist. Artists receiving the most votes for their works or services are rewarded.

Q: Is Legacy open to only those with disabilities

A: No. Individuals and groups r.s.v.p. and then come and enjoy themselves. Persons without disabilities learn that there are youth, adults and seniors who can do more than them with less to work with. Persons with disabilities that are hesitant to try certain careers and hobbies will be encouraged and motivated. Visitors can order catered meals also.

Q: Is there another way disabled business owners, artists, and disability schools and providers, can benefit

A: Yes, they can be featured in our television show, which will give them greater exposure and artists can audition and interview for upcoming stage, film, book publishing and musical projects and get assistance applying for a grant.

Q: Are their volunteer, internship, mentor or artist residency opportunities available

A: Yes for youth and adults in many areas. Attendance at our orientation and interview is required to become a volunteer mentor, apply for an internship or in-artist residency. Retirees, non-disabled or disabled can apply.

Q: How do we contact CAD, Inc and Legacy or send a tax-deductible donation to your non-profit 501 c3

A: You call email us at, Call our Program Manager, Michelle Splunge at 313-878-4544 or CAD voicemail/fax 734-956-6192. Send mail to Director, Regina Mack at Regal Towers CAD, Inc. Program 27350 Franklin Road Southfield, Michigan 48034. Donate by Paypal at Call us for an appointment.

Q: Where is CAD, Inc., programs located

A: In Southfield, Detroit, Highland Park and Westland, Michigan. Visit

Q: What else does CAD, Inc. provide to both the disabled and non-disabled within and outside of Michigan

A: CAD, Inc. offers free tutoring to children and adults, performing and production arts, writes, directs, produces and cast talent for productions, assist in securing donations for disabled, youth and seniors, uses art to improve neighborhoods, businesses, homes and personal lives. CAD has provided training and arts jobs to more than 10,000 youth and adults in the areas of business, entertainment, arts and community beautification. People are taught how to leave a legacy.

Q: Who supports CAD, what does it cost and what hours is Legacy open, beginning February 27, 2010

A: Admission fee is $2.00 to $5.00 per person (seniors 60 + attend free) Monday-Saturday 10am - 6pm. Workshops are offered as a one day seminar and as semesters.

The cost range is free up to $40 monthly. Some CAD 2009 supporters are: DeAngelo's, Burger King/Quality Dining, SAM's Club, Regal Towers, CTN TV, Wayne State University, Kirk Church.


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