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Men For Women Now

  • Published: 2011-07-27 - Contact: Noreen Fraser Foundation
  • Synopsis: Men for Women Now community will be the foremost online destination for men affected by a loved ones cancer diagnosis.

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Men For Women Now Launches - Cancer Information Portal Provides Outlet for Men.

The Noreen Fraser Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to raising funds and awareness for women's cancer research, has a new audience: men.

Men for Women Now (, an initiative of the Noreen Fraser Foundation, will be the foremost online destination for men affected by a loved one's cancer diagnosis.

"My husband was devastated by my diagnosis and really did not have anyone he could share his feelings and his fears with," says Noreen Fraser, founder and principal of the Noreen Fraser Foundation, "If he could have had access to the Men For Women Now website, I know he would have used it and I know he would have been comforted by sharing his feelings and reading about how other men were dealing with the same issue." Fraser has been living with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer for over a decade.

The heart of the website will be its discussion boards, which will allow visitors and community members to openly engage one another during what can be an intensely painful and uncertain time in their lives, and will empower them to collaborate with others in similar situations to find emotional and practical solutions to the many issues which arise following a woman's cancer diagnosis.

The website will offer women's-cancer-related content but with an angle to specifically help men.

Women are invited to share their experiences and advice. There will also be curated videos of a candid - and sometimes humorous - tone, reflecting Fraser's belief that laughter heals.

With user-generated videos and forums alongside celebrity multimedia exclusives produced by the Noreen Fraser Foundation, the site will prove to be the destination for men from all walks of life who are helping a wife, sister, mother, aunt, daughter or friend through a cancer diagnosis, treatment and beyond.

For more information on Men for Women Now, visit

For more information on Noreen Fraser and the Noreen Fraser Foundation, visit


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