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PlusInc - Promoting Fair and Equal Treatment of People of All Sizes

  • Published: 2014-07-31 : PlusInc (
  • Synopsis: PlusInc promotes size-friendly policy initiatives including combating size related discrimination and stigma through educational and social activities.

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Quote: "Every person, regardless of their size, deserves to be treated with dignity and respect"

National nonprofit size acceptance organization strives to better engage advocates, businesses, educational institutions and strategic partners to foster a size-friendly society without discrimination or stigma.

PlusInc announced that people of all sizes - regardless of weight or body size - have earned a national voice working to promote their equal and fair treatment in all segments of society. The organization's purpose is to promote size-friendly policy initiatives, educate stakeholders about size-friendly products and services, and combat size-related discrimination and stigma through educational and social activities.

"Why is it that discrimination and stigma against people of size is still seen in certain circles as acceptable," asked Andrew Richter of Brooklyn, New York, who serves as the PlusInc Board Chair. "PlusInc envisions a society where people of size are viewed as rich contributors while living healthy, fulfilling lives. By leveraging technology, we will engage advocates, businesses, institutes of higher learning, public health providers, and other strategic partners in creating a nationwide platform where being size-friendly is not only socially responsible but fiscally responsible as well."

"Every person, regardless of their size, deserves to be treated with dignity and respect," stated PlusInc's Board Treasurer and blogger, Kenlie Tiggeman of New Orleans, Louisiana. "Having combated first-hand the rampant weight-discrimination that exists in the United States, our objective is not to seek out special conditions, privileges or treatment. As a nation, we strive for equal protections under the law for people on the bases of race, creed, color, national origin, gender, disability or sexuality, so should people of size be treated any differently"

Summarized Michelle Anderson of Dallas, Texas, who is first openly HIV-positive woman to ever run for and win a national pageant title: "As an African-American woman living with HIV/AIDS, I can speak to the realities surrounding the unfair treatment experienced by some people every single day. PlusInc ensures that people who are outside of the so-called 'normal' body size can enjoy the same products and services as everyone else, whether it is in hospitality, travel, retail, entertainment, health care or education."

"There is sufficient credible scientific evidence to demonstrate that body size doesn't necessarily mean someone is unhealthy, or unfit," said Dr. Debbie Christel, PlusInc's Board Vice-Chair, and Assistant Professor of Apparel Design & Fashion Merchandising at West Virginia University. "So, negative stereotypes against people of larger body size have no place in the public discourse, period."

Some of the programs PlusInc will be unveiling over the coming year include: Accessibility Resources, Size-Friendly Social Network, Size-Friendly National Business Directory, Size-Friendly Health & Wellness Directory, Size-Friendly Conflict Resolution Trainings & Workshops, and a "Words Matter" Educational Campaign.

To learn more about PlusInc or its launch, please contact us at

lusInc is a nonprofit organization incorporated in the District of Columbia (E.I.N. # 46-4104034) promoting a size-friendly society without discrimination or stigma (IRS 501c3 Determination pending approval).

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