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Author: Ian C. Langtree
Published: 2010/04/18 - Updated: 2010/04/19
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Synopsis: Save the Patient provides information for people related to health care including health care providers.

Main Digest

The, "Save the Patient," website provides information for people related to health care, as well as for health care providers.

The site achieves this goal through the sharing of educational resources, multi-lingual tools, and links to existing health care networks. The intent of Saving the Patient is to inform, educate, empower, and encourage people to take an active role in their own health care experience.

Save the Patient is a non-partisan, unbiased site that is free from commercial influence. The site is reviewed on a regular basis by professionals in the medical community, ensuring that it provides accurate information. The people behind the Save the Patient website understand the need for a source of up-to-date health related information that is objective and trustworthy. The site has been a source of health-related information since the year 2001.

Save the Patient provides both consumers and health care providers with health care related news and links that are timely. The information the site provides concerns:

Medical organizations
Educational resources
Governmental agencies
Patient safety organizations
Locating a doctor or health facility
Diseases , medications and related health information

The site also presents additional resources such as Health Caring Cards that are available to the public in a variety of languages. The cards provide people with questions to ask their doctor, health history information to note, and additional information. Save the Patient has a TV Schedule and Video Links available to consumers. The site presents interactive TV shows which air on a monthly basis through a Chicago Cable Television station. The shows host, Lenore Janecek, interviews doctors, specialty physicians, nurses, and pharmacists.

Save the Patient's mission is to empower and educate people to make health care decisions that are both informed and effective through the use of objective resources. The site is available to everyone, of all ages, socio-economic backgrounds, and cultures - to include people with disabilities. Save the Patient does not practice medicine, nor does it either endorse or represent professional diagnosis or treatment options.

Save the Patient believes that a number of lives can be improved, and that millions of dollars can be saved, through the fulfillment of their mission. Every year the number of deaths that occur in America due to medical errors has been estimated to be between 44,000 and 98,000. The numbers are greater than the deaths of persons involved in motor vehicle crashes, AIDS, or breast cancer, according to the 1999 Institute of Medicine Report.

Approximately one point three million United States citizens are injured and around four-hundred people die every single year due to medication errors, according to a statement by the United States Food and Drug Administration. The imbalance that exists between the wealth of medical information and technology and the ability of the public to obtain and understand information in order to be effective consumers of health care is a critical issue that faces Americans and the health care system. Save the Patient is assisting to mitigate this imbalance through their mission.

Save the Patients and Health Caring Cards

Doctors report that a lack of a persons medical history, particularly among persons who do not speak English, is one of the most important issues they face today. The Health Caring Cards available at the Save the Patient site provide space for a person's health history, as well as a list of easy to understand questions, suggested by experienced doctors, for Save the Patient as ones that are most likely to enhance a person's understanding of any medical encounter with a health care provider. The cards are in English on the front of the card, and in Polish, Spanish, or Chinese on the reverse, depending upon the person's particular choice. Save the Patient plans to add Health Caring Cards in additional languages, to include Braille, as their donations and funding allow them to.

The Health Caring Cards are wallet-sized in plastic sleeves, allowing them to easily fit into a person's wallet or purse. The cards address five different subject areas for people to use when they visit their doctor, a surgeon, prescription medication providers, or a hospital. The areas covered include the person's health history, what to do before a visit, questions about medications, questions to ask during a visit, and patient rights. The Health Caring Cards through Save the Patient are free.

Save the Patient has compiled health information and links with the intention of educating and informing not only people, but health care providers. The amount of health information on the web continues to grow, and trusted resources are very welcome. The site works to provide people with links that augment the educational resources of health care providers, expand their professional horizons, and raise the level of knowledge the people they treat have. The Save the Patient site is divided into easy to use sections:

Health News
Disease Management
Government Agencies
Medication Information
Patient Safety Organizations
Health Information Websites
Locating a Physician or Health Facility

The Save the Patient website updates the links on it's site in January, April, July, and October of each year - Save the Patient

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