Memorializing Veterans Service On Together We Served

Published: 2011/05/23 - Updated: 2011/06/14
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Synopsis: Urging veterans to join Together We Served and create a record of their service for the benefit of their families and future generations.

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Veterans, Take Action: Memorialize Your Service On

On Memorial Day, Military Heritage Website Issues Urgent Call to Action for Former U.S. Service Members to Share their Stories for Posterity

This Memorial Day, - the leading military heritage website devoted to connecting and honoring service members across the country - urges veterans to join the site and create a record of their service for the benefit of their families and future generations. The goal is to capture the service histories of American heroes in their own words and photographs while there is still an opportunity - a perfect tribute on Memorial Day.

"In 10 years, we've lost more than 4 million veterans to old age and other lasting consequences of war, and 3,000 more pass away every day," said Brian Foster, founder and president of "If we don't capture their stories now, most of these veterans' service will go unrecorded, resulting in a tragic loss of our military history and the sacrifice made by so many."

Created by and for service members, is the largest exclusive military resource for U.S. veterans to reconnect with lost comrades and record their service as a lasting legacy. Since its launch as a Marine Corps website in 2003, has expanded to all branches of the military and today includes profiles of more than 1.2 million service members from the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Navy. With more than 2.5 million member-uploaded photos, has one of the largest collections of visual military memoirs in existence.

On, former service members can create and share a visual history of their service from boot camp to retirement, including duty stations, battles, operations, medal ribbons (arranged as-worn), badges, photos, stories about their service, and memories of fellow service members (see example here). The site encourages family members to assist vets who may be less familiar with computers. Family members can also create Remembrance Profiles of loved ones who fell in combat during WWII, Korea, Vietnam or any other conflict, or who passed away from natural causes.

" is a living, breathing memorial to our nation's service members," said Col. Brendan Kearney, USMC (Ret.),'s Military Advisor and a Gulf War veteran. "There's absolutely nothing else like it to honor the service of our veterans, including those who are no longer with us."

Beyond serving as a keepsake for future generations, is a fully comprehensive and search-able military locater that is changing the lives of veterans by reconnecting them with former comrades, some they may not have seen in more than 40 years.

"With more than a million members from every era of service since World War II and thousands more joining each week, the chances of finding someone you served with are very high," said Foster.

As the largest exclusively military network of its type, enables veterans and active duty personnel to reconnect with lost brothers and sisters, share in the camaraderie of other service members, and create a permanent record of their service so it may never be forgotten. Administered by retired U.S. military personnel, is a completely secure networking site with no public access. The site carries no advertisements, and member information is never shared for commercial purposes. is free to join, enabling members to create and share their profiles and search for comrades. For those who want to support the site and access advanced features, a full membership option is available at nominal cost. In appreciation of their service, veterans of World War II are automatically awarded honorary full lifetime membership. In total, has 1.2 million members from all five branches of the military and aims to capture more than 5 million additional veteran profiles within the next five years.

Current or former members of the U.S. military who would like to join can contact Military Heritage Director Denise Kincaid at 888-398-3262 or, or visit

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