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Published: 2021/05/05 - Updated: 2023/10/09
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Synopsis: The Gravvity app brings together social media feeds and chat in a single hub application allowing users to customize their online experience around what matters to them. Now you can see all your social feeds in one place with no more flipping back and forth between social media applications. Gravvity is chat, re-imagined for the social generation. It's a full feature chat app with a built in social media hub.

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Gravvity is a next generation social engagement application. Anchored in transparency, Gravvity moves with conviction and designs with intent to work as a collective with its users and partners to create a more rewarding online experience. Gravvity provides a bold now approach that empowers its users and places their needs at the center of the platform to build a personalized, healthier and happier social media lifestyle. Gravvity has done extensive research surrounding the negative implications of social media to carefully design their application in consideration of mental health wellness.

Social media is defined as computer/Internet based technology that facilitates the sharing of ideas, thoughts, and information via virtual networks and communities. With billions of users around the globe, social media has grown to represent a significant share of how people communicate and connect. Its impact is undisputed - however, concerns over the negative effects of this widespread adoption are becoming more common.

The constant connection of social media has increased the clutter and noise in people's lives, loading to social fatigue. While people are becoming more aware of the emotional, mental and personal costs paid when using social media, they currently have no alternatives outside of leaving the platform altogether. With this growing awareness, the belief that social media is free is rapidly being replaced by the knowledge of these steep hidden costs.

Gravvity was developed in response to these concerns, addressing the flaws in the current social dynamic and building an empowering new future. By distinguishing itself from existing social media with its attention to design, personalized approach and transparency in all actions, Gravvity aims to build trust and build a better future.

Designed for the Social Generation

Gravvity is chat, re-imagined for the social generation. It's a full feature chat app with a built in social media hub. Gravvity users can see all of their social feeds in one place with no more flipping back and forth between their apps. They have full control over what content appears in their feed. No more spam and clutter appearing in their feeds. Feeds are organized chronologically and not by advertising algorithms. No more endless scrolling and random content. Now you can know when friends make new posts on any of their social platforms. It's also perfect for people who don't use social media often or at all.

Harmful external validation features such as number of likes, comments and followers have been intentionally removed. Instead, friends can react privately to posts directly via chat without having to broadcast their comments to the rest of the world. Users can consolidate all of the data they produce with their social media apps into a Gravvity wallet that they are in complete control of. Users can choose to keep their data completely private or share their public data with select businesses in exchange for personalized incentives and discounts.

Users have the opportunity to turn their Gravvity feed into their own billboard that they can rent out to advertisers. Gravvity will be sharing advertising revenue 50/50 with users who choose to see ads and deals in their feed.

A Better Social Experience

Gravvity's features are designed with the user in mind, and create a healthier social experience online. Gravvity's platform brings together social media feeds and chat in a single hub to allow users to customize their online experience around what matters to them. Gravvity will reinvent the digital landscape with its unique approach of a central hub for chat and social feeds that puts users' preferences at the forefront.

Download Gravvity App

The wait is over. You can now download the very first version of Gravvity. Enjoy instant messaging, voice and video calling with your inner circles.

Gravvity Founders

Gravvity was designed by a diverse team during the pandemic who is looking to disrupt the social media landscape. Gravvity wants to help modern-day social media users enjoy their experience online again while keeping their mental health as a priority. By eliminating social validation features such as likes, unlimited scroll, ads, and follower counts from users profiles, users experience social media for its intended purpose, to engage with content and make genuine connections.

Jerry Chien - CEO and Co-founder of Gravvity

Jerry's passion is to empower people through data and tech. For the past two decades, Jerry has helped corporations solve some of their biggest challenges by improving their access to and use of data and technology.

Jason Herrington - CPO and Co-founder of Gravvity

Being a heavier social user himself, Jason's passion lies in building a sustainable social experience where people can enjoy the benefits of being social online. without the harmful effect's of these experiences on our attention and mental health.

Anja Vukovic - COO and Co-founder of Gravvity

Anja's strength lies in identifying, assessing, and developing solutions to solve operational deficiencies preventing the organization from executing and/or meeting their strategic and operational objectives. Anja's diverse experience brings insights to drive Gravvity's operational growth, cultivate resilient services, and enable positive customer experiences.

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