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Disability Dating: Tips and Advice for Disabled Dating

Disabled World: Revised/Updated: 2019/01/21

Synopsis: Disability dating tips for men and women including online disabled dating websites as well as information ranging from what to do on first dates to places to go on a date.

Main Document

Our dating tips are for all singles looking for romance but mainly concentrate on disability dating advice, we also include tips for seniors and babyboomers seeking love both online and offline.

Online Dating Websites

There are a lot of online dating sites for single women and men, which can help you meet others just like you.

These sites serve as place where you can socialize and communicate with other singles who are also interested in dating. These sites will usually ask you to fill out a form where you can include details about your personal information and dating preferences. What you choose to include is up to you and the information you submit will be used to create your online profile. In return, the site will match you up with other individuals who are possibly compatible based on your online profile and preferences.

Take Your Time!

  • Do not rush into relationships.
  • Take the time to know the person before you actually meet the person in real life.
  • It is best to be disappointed online rather than have heartbreak afterwards when you meet him/her offline.
  • You will also reduce the chances of falling for online dating scams.

Dating Tips

Smiling woman sitting opposite a man on their first date - Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash.
Smiling woman sitting opposite a man on their first date - Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash.

  • Confidence

    Disabled personals are the starting place for people looking for dating, and it's also a great way to screen out potentially dangerous admirers. Make it clear in your personal that you are a confident and independent person.

  • Honesty

    Be honest about who you are, your disabilities and how it can affect future relationships.

  • Meet in Public

    When meeting for the first time, meet at a public place that is known to you in order to ensure safety. Let your friends and family know where you are going and with whom. Carry a cell phone at all times.

  • Don't Drink Too Mmuch

    A glass or two of wine might be suitable for the date, but you don't want to lose your ability to reason, judge, and take care of yourself in the case that your date will be looking for an opportunity to take advantage of you. Dating sites are no different than bars or grocery stores really - any and every kind of man and woman will go there, and there's no way of telling if they have your best interest in mind based on a chat room conversation.

  • Research the Location for Your Date First

    Is there handicap access? Whatever your physical problems, you and/or your date should make sure that the atmosphere of your first date is safe for you. This way, you can concentrate on your date.

  • Limit Personal Information

    Don't tell your date exactly where you work or live right away - they must earn your trust, not assume it!

  • Is the Disabled Dating Service Reliable?

    Do they screen members? Do you pay for the services? If you answered "yes" to these last two questions, then you are probably in good shape.

  • Trust Your Instincts

    If you feel suspicious about someone and you don't know why, go with your gut and make up an excuse to leave. Chances are there is something fishy about the situation and you don't want to put yourself at risk for the sake of giving him or her a try. Body language might be more important than words spoken, so it's these little details that can reveal to you whether your emotional or physical security is at risk.



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