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Seniors Reveal Secrets to Enduring Love

  • Date: 2011/01/31
  • Watermark Retirement Communities, Inc.
  • Synopsis : When you interview couples that have been together for as many as 70 years and you can still see that gleam in their eye.

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Watermark Seniors Reveal Secrets to Enduring Love - Watermark Retirement Communities, one of the nation's leading operators of senior living communities, recently asked senior couples coast to coast their tips for lasting love.

Now throughout February, in celebration of Valentine's Day, Watermark is sharing some of those secrets, from simple to sublime, at www.watermarkcommunities.com/misc/lastingvalentines.

"When you interview couples that have been together for as many as 70 years and you can still see that gleam in their eye, you know they've found the secret," said Jill Hofer, Watermark's Director of Communication and Public Relations.

Bob and Mary Longacre of Dana Point, California, suggest, "Don't argue, no one wins."

Geraldyn and Donald Eckber of Bridgeport, Connecticut offer a more philosophical approach. "Bring new and different enrichment to the marriage by growing and thriving as an individual, distinct and whole unto yourself while connected by the marriage link."

Betty and Clancy Stowell of Independence, Missouri say they learned from both their families the need to work through problems and stick it out through good times and bad.

"We've had some wing dings," Clancy said. "But the making up is much better." Betty added that their faith has really guided them through their marriage, now going on 64 years.

J.T. and Irene Paterson of Peoria, Arizona acknowledge that enduring love does not always come easily. Married 55 years, the Paterson's advice to young couples is, "Be prepared to work harder than you have on anything in your life, compromise and forgive the hurts."

Patience, tolerance, friendship and, of course, loving, are recurring themes in Watermark couples' advice for lasting love.

A sense of humor is also key.

"When she says jump, I say how high? And we laugh a lot!" said Larry Hayes of Oklahoma City, married to Maggie for 63 years.

"When he takes out the garbage he is actually saying 'I love you,'" said Beverly Zarin of Southbury, Conn., married to Sol for 62 years.

Arthur Paris and Joan Weisman of Millbrook, NY, married 27 years, said, "The secret to love is two bathrooms and two computers."

Aaron Meyers of Tuckahoe, NY, married to Muriel for 70 years, sums up the secret to lasting love in two simple but powerful words: "YES, DEAR."

See the couples and their tips for lasting love at www.watermarkcommunities.com/misc/lastingvalentines

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