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Indian Matrimonial and Employment Website for Disabled Launched in Delhi

  • Date: 2011/05/22
  • Jince Michael Mathew
  • Synopsis : A new online Indian matrimonial dating and disability employment network website dedicated to Disabled people in India.

Main Document

New Exclusive Matrimonial and Employment Network Website for Disabled Launched in Delhi, India.

Jeyem Foundation, a Delhi based charitable trust has launched a new web-portal for the differently abled in India.

The portal have three components:

1) matrimonial

2) employment

3) social networking

The portal names www.ablepartners.org is part of the efforts of Jeyem Foundation to mainstream the people with disabilities. The completed portal would be dedicated to the public on the occasion of the World Disability Day which is observed in December 2011.

According to the Census 2001, there are 2.19 crore, ( Editor : A crore is a unit in the Indian numbering system equal to ten million (10,000,000), or 100 lakhs. It is widely used in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan), persons with disabilities in India who constitute 2.13 percent of the total population. This includes persons with visual, hearing, speech, loco motor and mental disabilities. Seventy five per cent of persons with disabilities live in rural areas, 49 per cent of disabled population is literate and only 34 per cent are employed. The earlier emphasis on medical rehabilitation has now been replaced by an emphasis on social rehabilitation. There has been an increasing recognition of abilities of persons with disabilities and emphasis on mainstreaming them in the society based on their capabilities.

Choices are limited for the physically disabled wanting to get married. A recent survey shows that 59% women and 48% men refuse to marry anyone with a physical disability. About 34% women and 37% men said it depended on the situation and extent of the disability. Only 7% women and 15% men and said that they would marry someone with physical disability. (Time of India, May11, 2011).

It is in this background that Jeyem Foundation has initiated the project, which has the following objectives:

  • Drawing public attention to the issues of differently abled and building civil society pressure on resolving them.
  • Creating employment opportunities and developing employability skills, and making these information accessible to all.
  • Engage in constructive dialog and proactive support for the matrimonial and family life needs of the people with disabilities
  • Towards the achievement of these objectives, the following programs are planned for implementation in the year 2011-2012.
  • Providing a single window platform that meets the connectivity requirements of the service needs and service offers that would better the lives of the differently abled.

Proposed Activities in 2011:

  • Social networking
  • Matrimonial matchmaking
  • Online and offline counseling
  • Job posting, job searching and career tips
  • Information repository of relevant schemes and resources
  • Do a research and document the international best practices in place on the welfare and mainstreaming of the cause of people with different abilities and skills.
  • Take up accessibility and discrimination issues affecting the differently abled population in Delhi. As a starting point, Jeyem Foundation would be undertaking an accessibility audit of major roads in Delhi. These would be documented and published in all the leading news papers and would trigger wide discussions in the civil society which would in the course of time become a system changing force.

Time lines and Targets

  • The matrimonial module and counseling services of the website would be launched and activated by May 2011
  • The job portal would be functional by June, 2011
  • The social networking part would be launched by July, 2011
  • Accessibility audits would be conducted in August, 2011
  • The documentation of best practices would be complete by November 2011
  • The project would be dedicated to the public on the International Disability Day of 2011.

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