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Disabled Personals: Make your Profile Stand Out

  • Published: 2009-02-16 (Revised/Updated 2009-09-05) : Author: Andrea Marie
  • Synopsis: How to construct a great profile at a disabled personals dating site if you have a disability.

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So, you've been browsing the disabled singles of your favorite dating sites and you're ready to get into the game yourself. Your online dating profile is the first glimpse into you that your prospective dates get. It is the first, and it could be the last if you write a boring and typical profile like 99% of people out there. How do you go about crafting a profile for yourself that will ensure dating, love, and maybe even marriage is on your horizon

So, you've been browsing the disabled singles of your favorite dating sites and you're ready to get into the game yourself.

Your online dating profile is the first glimpse into you that your prospective dates get. It is the first, and it could be the last if you write a boring and typical profile like 99% of people out there.

How do you go about crafting a profile for yourself that will ensure dating, love, and maybe even marriage is on your horizon

There are some basic tips, some more obvious than others, to advertising yourself online. And let's be frank: that's what you're doing! But if you don't have a knack for sales, don't worry. Here is a guide to getting personal.

Post a flattering, but realistic photo!

It goes without saying that you will need to have a photograph of yourself on hand as you join an online disabled dating website. Rarely will someone respond to a personal if it doesn't feature a picture - it makes it seem as if there's something to hide! So, go through your photo albums or take some snap shots of yourself and pick out a great pose. It's best if you're smiling. However, do not pick out a photo that makes you look better than you really look and do not make yourself look better with tools like Photoshop.

As tempting as this may be, you're just setting up your date for disappointment and it might really sour your first encounter. So make sure the photo is recent and looks like you. Ask a friend for advice if you're not sure if the photograph looks good.

It's the details that count.

Don't talk about how much you like movies and music. News flash: everyone likes movies and music! To distinguish yourself from the pack, talk about some of your more personal quirks and unique qualities. Are you a night owl or do you like to snuggle up to a book every night before you fall asleep? Those are the kinds of details that truly reveal who you are as a person and not to mention, people looking for dating will be instantly interested in you.

Don't hide your disability.

Chances are, you are using dating sites that are designed for people who have physical handicaps, but whatever the case, be up front and honest about your limitations. Your potential mate will find out about them eventually and so there's no sense in keeping it under wraps. If you seem confident and comfortable about your disability, it will be all the more charming.

Don't ever be "Mr. Lonely".

You want to trigger attraction online without the physical aspect - you do not trigger attraction by playing the poor me's, you do it by accentuating your strengths and attributes. Tell the single women out there what a catch you are by outlining your great characteristics in a confident and no-BS way. Take your strengths and showcase them in your profile or online and then COMBINE them with a vision of romance that paints a picture of a life that's more exciting than the life she's living. This shows her that you are not only a man who knows who he is, but also a man who knows how to truly discover the inner core of a woman. Communicating to women on this level drives them absolutely CRAZY... and you need to try it out.

Every guy has things about him that are attractive to single woman. The only problem is we usually don't know what they are. If you do know, can you communicate your attractive qualities in a way that AMPLIFIES or MAGNIFIES them? When trying to meet women online - don't use weak phrases like "some people say I'm..." or "I'm sort of..." Instead, demonstrate that you're a man who knows who you are by describing yourself in strong, concise terms. Don't exaggerate... but don't be a wuss either.

Show your sensual side.

Every woman wants a man who appreciates the sensual side of things. A single man who is "in touch" can ignite powerful, passionate feelings inside of a woman. But if you've ever done any "reconnaissance" online and read other guys' profiles - I'm sure you've seen that most men have NO CLUE about how to attract women... let alone "ignite feelings" in a woman who they are trying to meet.

Create an exciting life!

Don't have one, make one. You are not going to meet a fantastic, interesting, single man or woman if you present your life as dull and ho-hum. Remember, they are looking for a little excitement too. So step out of your comfort zone and DO something adventurous - skydive, rappel, go bungee jumping - do something that's "radical" and BOLD. Now you have a very interesting experience you can talk about, not only online in your profile or in a singles place, but with anyone!

No one's perfect, but there are amazing things about you. Your disability is hardly a fraction of what makes you who you are! If you're struggling with bragging about yourself, ask friends and family what they think is so great about you. Share this with daters! However, don't type out "you should date me, because..." Instead just describe yourself, as if to be merely informative. Those who are interested in you will respond; don't become a salesperson for a dating site.

It's okay to know what you want.

Don't be afraid to say what you are looking for in a guy or gal. After all, isn't the whole point of dating online to weed out all the Mr. and Mrs. Wrong's and get to the good stuff? However, be open minded about what you want and don't come off as too demanding. Make some decisions about what is absolutely necessary in a significant other and if the list is short, then go with that. If the list is really long, well, you probably have unrealistic expectations and most people will move onto the next personal of a more low-maintenance dater!

Use spell check.

A large part of the population has trouble spelling and makes the occasional grammatical error. This doesn't mean they are stupid. However, making spelling mistakes and leaving sentence fragments as they are is a big "no no" for a personal. Unfortunately, spelling one word wrong can make you appear like a total idiot and you will get very little response as a result.

Expand your "Self".

Here's another killer dating tip for meeting women or men online. Do not get stuck defining yourself as the "Nature Lover", the "Clubber" or the "Bookworm". Why? Because once you do that, much of the MYSTERY is gone... and she just won't be as interested. That is one of the basic laws of attraction, whether you are meeting women online or in person.

Well unfortunately, you can't just TELL a woman directly "Oh, I can make you feel great." You can do this so easily with the right words, whether you are meeting women online or whispering them in her ear. To do this in an online dating or singles arena, simply use vivid details. For instance, if you talk about the food you enjoy, don't just say you like fine wine... talk about how you love how a fine wine releases intoxicating aromas as it rolls around in your mouth. If you talk about a walk in the woods, don't just say you like walking on through the woods - describe in detail how you love the scent of the unsullied air or the sounds of the wind teasing the leaves the trees.

Use sensual words like full, ripe, supple, harmonious, sway, grace, tender, etc. When you use words like these, although you're not talking directly about sex... you send a strong message that you know how to make a woman feel these erotic yet subtle feelings.

If you are interested in joining a dating site for persons with a disability then see our articles; Disabled Personals Websites and Local Dating Services for Women and Men for further information and a list of the best online disabled personals sites.

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