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New Tool For Safe Dating -

  • Published: 2010-08-28 - Contact: iDateSafe
  • Synopsis: emulates the process of telling a friend or relative about your plans in case you do not return home.

Main Document has just launched an online tool which emulates the process of telling a friend or relative about your plans in case you don't return from them.

A new online tool for safe dating has been launched which provides a free service to first time daters that acts much the same as when you tell a friend or relative where it is you are going and who you are meeting, in case you do not report back in the next day.

"The difference is with the website is you don't have to give up any privacy," states owner Steve Briggs. "Plus there is no reason to have any concern about being forgotten or having told your vital information to someone who wasn't listening close enough and therefore cannot pass it on."

It is a very simple process where you fill out an email with the information you want passed on, to whatever recipient you address but the catch is that when you send the email it is held at the website for whatever amount of time you predetermine. If you do not log back into the website and delete the email before the time is up, it goes out and everything needed for a good chance of finding you is made available.

However the only time your privacy is ever intruded is when you do not log back in and delete the email which hopefully there will be little chance of you needing to because we make available our logo which you can use to your advantage by including it in your stationary that you use in correspondence with your potential date, and by seeing that you use it will send a message to predators to seek easier prey.

According to the FBI statistics there are roughly twenty-three hundred people reported missing every single day in the United States alone. Admittedly a good portion of those pan out to prove there was nothing sinister about their time away from those searching for them but for the remaining group, the ones that may never be found, the chances of law enforcement finding them goes way up when there is a starting point that is concise both in time, location and the name of the person they were to meet.

Most people know to confide in a trusted source of their plans for meeting someone they don't know very well or have never met in person but there is no getting around that people are going to gamble if they don't want anyone else to know their business and that means trading safety for privacy which is a problem that believes it has solved. was created 2010 in a search for a way to help people and give something back.


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