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Facebook Spell Checker For People With Dyslexia

Published: 2010-10-29 - Updated: 2017-02-07
Author: Ghotit Spell Checker | Contact:

Synopsis: This is the first and only Facebook application directly targeting Facebook users with dyslexia.

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The "Ghotit Spell Checker for People with Dyslexia" is the first and only Facebook application directly targeting Facebook users with dyslexia.


As part of the coming up Dyslexia Awareness Week (Nov 1-7) Ghotit is releasing a new Facebook Spell Checker application. This is the first and only Facebook application directly targeting Facebook users with dyslexia.

'Hidden Dyslexia' is the theme of Dyslexia Awareness Week 2010, developed to raise awareness of the challenges faced by people with a disability that presents no visible physical signs to the outside world. When a person with dyslexia communicates through Facebook, the fact that he is dyslexic is usually not known and his Facebook friends may misinterpret their bad spelling.

Social network's main means of communication is writing of posts, comments and messages. Dyslexics with writing difficulties often find it challenging to actively participate in social networks such as Facebook. They are concerned with their potentially embarrassing spelling mistakes.

Facebook does not support a spell checking service.

However, any Facebook user using the Google Chrome or Firefox browsers can use the browsers' built-in spell checker. However, these spell checkers were not designed for people with writing disabilities, such as dyslexics. These spell checker address the needs of mainstream writers who occasionally misspell. The Ghotit Spell Checker was developed to address the severe spelling of dyslexics.

The Ghotit Spell Checker's algorithms are based on an analysis of the context of a sentence, and include intelligent phonetic and grammar correction algorithms. The result is accurate corrections to severely misspelled words that regular spell checkers have no clue with which words to correct.

The "Ghotit Spell Checker for People with Dyslexia" is a Facebook application that corrects the spelling of posts.

The new Facebook application is very easy to use. Just type the text inside the Ghotit Spell Checker frame. Ghotit then offers corrections to both misspelled and misused (e.g the word "their" instead of "there") words, as well as grammar errors. Once corrected, the user simply shares the text with his Facebook friends.

"The new Ghotit Spell Checker Facebook application will be valuable to any Facebook user feeling awkward with his spelling. Using the Ghotit Spell Checker, dyslexic users will quickly see a dramatic improvement in their writing quality" says Ofer Chermesh, founder of Ghotit, and lifelong dyslexic. "Social networks have revolutionized how people communicate, and without a supportive environment people with dyslexia may find themselves on the sidelines of the online global discussion." -

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