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Instant Messengers: Disability Use & Information Document List

  • Synopsis: This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Instant Messengers category.

Publication List:

NOTE: Though articles may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

  1. AT&T Instant Messaging for Deaf and People with Hearing or Speech Loss
    AT&T and AOLs AIM instant messaging service for people with hearing and speech loss - Published: 2009-09-29
  2. QQ IM Instant Message Service from Tencent
    Review of QQ IM Instant Message Service by Tencent the most popular free instant messaging computer program in mainland China - Published: 2009-02-10
  3. ICQ Messenger Information
    ICQ Messenger features include sending text messages offline messages multi-user chats free SMS sending file transfers greeting cards and multiplayer games - Published: 2009-02-02
  4. Yahoo Messenger with Voice and Computer to Phone Chat Client
    Yahoo Messenger is a free instant messaging client or IM by Yahoo allowing you to chat online by voice and cell phone - Published: 2009-02-02
  5. Google Talk Instant Messenger
    Google Talk an Instant Messenger from Google allows you to make voice calls and transfer files Instant message friends family and business contacts - Published: 2009-02-02
  6. Windows Live Messenger
    Windows Live Messengers previous name was MSN Messenger or MSN for short an instant messaging client for Windows PCs - Published: 2009-02-02
  7. Meebo Ajax All in One Instant Messenger
    Meebo is a website for instant messaging where you can access all of your buddies on AIM Yahoo MSN Google Talk ICQ and Jabber - Published: 2009-02-02
  8. AIM Instant Messenger
    AIM Instant Messenger is a free IM from AOL enabling users to send and respond to messages and the ability to share files pictures and links - Published: 2009-02-02
  9. MySpaceIM - Instant Messenger for MySpace Users
    The all new IM from MySpace allows you to IM your MySpace friends at any time - Published: 2009-02-02
  10. Jabber Instant Messenger
    Jabber is best known as an open source secure and ad free alternative to consumer IM services - Published: 2009-02-02
  11. Trillian all in One Instant Messenger
    Trillian lets you log in to multiple instant messaging systems that includes AIM Google Talk ICQ MSN Yahoo Messenger and IRC simultaneously - Published: 2009-02-02
  12. Skype Instant Messenger
    Skype offer cheap phone calls worldwide and free Skype to Skype calls using your computer plus a free Skype Instant Messenger - Published: 2009-02-02
  13. MSN NetMeeting Setup Information
    Microsoft NetMeeting is a complete VoIP Internet conferencing solution for Windows with text and voice chat multi-point data conferencing whiteboard and file transfers - Published: 2009-02-02


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