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MySpaceIM - Instant Messenger for MySpace Users

  • Published: 2009-02-02 (Revised/Updated 2016-06-12) : Disabled World.
  • Synopsis: The all new IM from MySpace allows you to IM your MySpace friends at any time.

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Quote: "MySpace is working on various options for providing their IM to Mac and Linux users and delivering IM on mobile devices including cell phones."

The all new IM from MySpace allows you to IM (Instant Message) any of your MySpace friends at any time, just one mouse click will log you in to your email and bulletins.

Like most IM's you receive instant alerts for all add to friends requests, messages, and comments. You can also find and view any of your friends' MySpace profiles from your friends list.

Update: Now your MySpace Instant Messenger comes with Skype, a free program that allows you to call your friends and family from your computer. You get your very own private phone number and voicemail box as well.

The MySpaceIM client is not currently available for Mac computer users at the time of writing, it is only available for Windows PCs. However MySpace is working on various options for providing their IM to Mac and Linux users and delivering IM on mobile devices including cell phones.

Currently features of MySpaceIM include:

To get the Myspace Instant messenger go to Myspaceim ( and download the installer (look for the big Download button).

IE users can select "Run" to immediately start installing, while users with other browsers such as Opera and FireFox should first save the installer to disk and then double-click it to start the MySpace IM installation.

Note: You must have Administrator privileges on your PC to install MySpaceIM.

Once installed simply enter your MySpace email and password in the login panel that pops up. That's all there is to it, you should now be signed in. To start chatting just add your friends to your friends list.

Trillian now supports the MySpaceIM in their release of Trillian Astra.

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