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Evolution of Online Communication

  • Published: 2009-02-02 (Revised/Updated 2011-08-25) : Author: Disabled World
  • Synopsis: Using a computer coupled to the Internet it is possible to IM instant message e-mail and use chat rooms to communicate with friends and family anywhere in the world.

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Communication is involved in everything we do each and every single day of our lives. Whether it is via sign, body language, vocalizing or by written words. Communication is a vital part of the being that makes us human.

Throughout the human history, the way in which we communicate has gradually changed over the centuries, and in fact with the technology we have invented over the last few decades alone communication continues to evolve every day. With the invention of the silicon chip and the coming of the computer age our means of communicating with one another is undergoing an electronic revolution.

Instant messengers (IM's) are now the most commonly used form of communication today, yet online chatting didn't start with the AOL instant messenger script. Instead it all started with electronic mail, e-mail as we now know it.

The Birth of Email

A chap by the name of Ray Tomlinson originally wrote a computer program in 1971 called SNDMSG (send message) that allowed the first email message (QWERTYUIOP) to be sent across Arpanet, the first Internet network.

Overnight this new form of communication boomed in popularity due to postal mail (snail mail) being so slow. Every computer user was instantly hooked on this new instant message delivering system, e-mail. Instant messaging is mainly used by the younger generations of college and high school students, e-mail however is used by all age groups, including the older generation. Email has withstood the test of time in todays fast paced society and we can expect it to still be prevalent for many many years to come.

Along Came Chat rooms

Chat rooms have become one of the worlds most popular online retreats. Chat rooms come in all shapes, sizes and especially topics. One of the first forms of chat rooms was IRC - Internet Relay Chat.

Today you can find and join chat topic oriented rooms like, music chats, online gaming, adult chat, gay, lesbian, bi and alt rooms, health and disability chat, entertainment happenings, religious, teens, sports and recreation, male chat, female chat and local chat rooms dedicated to specific countries, cities and states. There are chat rooms online today created for virtually any topic under the sun, with one of the favorite chat rooms for teens and older being romance chat rooms.

The Romance or Love Chat room

One of the most popular online chat room categories is the love and romance chats. It has been said that one of the reasons for this is that when online, people are able to express themselves much more freely and not have to worry about what they say or what someone may think of them since they have never met the other person before. Chat rooms allow you to be whoever you want to be and say whatever you want, depending on the rooms moderators of course (if they have one).

Chat rooms and in particular romance and love chat has led to the online communication phenomena we know today as cybersex. Cybersex is often seen as an alternative to the risks of real sexual contact, be it diseases or physical abuse, and can serve as an alternative to visiting the singles bar for a one night stand.

The ability to not show the "real you" in chat rooms can make for some very interesting conversations and show different sides of people that their friends and family would never see. Many argue that the Internet diffuses real identities, and others feel that the online world is a special haven where their true personalities can be released. With the ability to create a whole new identity online, are people now living double lives? Do you really think you know the true person you're talking to? See our article on chat room safety for more details and information on chatting safely online.

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