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Free PC to Cell Phone Text Messaging Online

Published: 2009-02-07 - Updated: 2013-06-06
Author: David Urmann

Synopsis: Explains how to use your computer to send text messages known as text messaging to cell phones for free.

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One of the most useful innovations in the mobile computing industry is the short messaging service technology or SMS.


This service is not free however, as telecommunication companies charge certain fees for every message sent. Charging certain fees is one way for these companies to control the use of text messaging features. Otherwise, it will clog their satellite systems and cause intermittent traffic. Popularly known as text messaging in some countries, this technology allows text data exchanges between mobile devices.

However now, the technology has also expanded to allow PC-to-cell phone SMS services. Now, whether you're on a mobile device or on a regular PC, sending SMS to cell phones is easy.

While wireless telecommunications carriers apply charges to mobile-to-mobile text messaging, SMS to cell phones from your PC is free.

Free text messaging service is widely available in the internet.

Recipients will receive text messages in less than five seconds after hitting the send button. It works just like your regular cell phone-to-cell phone text messaging.

Some popular Instant messaging (IM) clients include a text feature that allows you to send text messages direct from your chat account. These facilities offer a two-way PC-cell phone-PC texting. You can send and receive text messages on your PC or your cell phone. The PC-to-cell phone route is usually for free. Charges apply when you message back from your phone. But these charges are usually applied by wireless carriers, not by the websites.

Fan clubs and other mobile-specific user group organizations offer PC-to-cell phone text messaging services as well. These websites are pretty flexible. You can use a local number or an email address to register and start using the service. These facilities are also two-way. You can send and receive text messages to and from your PC or your mobile phone.

As a value-added service, wireless carriers allow subscribers or even the general internet public to send text messages to local numbers from their websites. Some of these facilities are only one-way PC-to-cell phone service. Some offer full two-way PC-to-PC text messaging.

SMS to cell phones can be done online.

Many websites or Instant Messaging (IM) clients offer these services for free. SMS services from IM clients work just like PC-to-PC chats. You can save contact details from your account online or key in a phone number to text when you want to send an SMS. IM clients usually allow the sender and the recipient to exchange messages.

Commercial websites offering SMS to cell phones normally only allow one-way, PC-to-cell phone messaging. There are others though that work like an online community on the go. These facilities allows to profiles, upload photos, post and maintain blogs - all directly from cell phones. Members can send text messages, or emails may be received as text messages. You can access your account either from your phone or from a regular PC.

Majority of those who text messages via computers are those from business companies who send various messages at a single time for various promotions or propaganda purposes. Computers for them are more convenient because of the QWERTY keyboard. Messages are more easily typed with this keyboard, than using a cellular phone with the number pad.

These computers are installed with certain software that acts like an actual mobile phone. It has a big memory that can store millions of customers or clients' numbers, making it possible to send multiple messages to this big number of people at a single time. These messages will be received in real time.

In the same way, the program can be configured to receive replies. So instead of the message going to your phone in-box, it will fall on the in-box of the program. The advantage of this is that, like an email, it can also store thousands of messages. Practically nothing has ever to be deleted. Every message can be kept for future reference if needed.

Text messaging is the new way to connect with people.

It was originally intended to help hearing-impaired people use cellular phones. It has now grown to be a mobile chat facility worldwide. It now also grew to be a powerful marketing tool for businesses. It emerged as a very effective tool for communication. And now, there is a free way to send text messages using your PC.

At first this free text messaging service may seem too good to be true, but if one looks closely, offering such free services actually is beneficial both ways. The users get to enjoy the freebies, while these companies profit more. Because upon closer look, these free services offered are actually a marketing strategy for users to go visit their websites and look at the products they offer.

Free services entice online users to also browse at the other products offered. The primary idea is only to increase traffic for more visibility. The company gets potential customers out of these frequent visitors.

It's definitely a whole new world with SMS technology. Getting in touch with your family and friends has never been easier. You can stay connected all the time. There are no monthly bills to think of. It's a great service available at your fingertips. Indeed, text messaging has become a very powerful communication tool of today. Communication has never been made easier and cheaper.

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