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Send Picture from Computer to Cell Phone

  • Published: 2009-05-18 (Revised/Updated 2011-03-29) : Janis Watt.
  • Synopsis: Explains how to send a picture from a computer to a cell phone and from cell phones to computer for viewing

Main Document

These instructions show you how to send pictures from your computer desktop to a cell phone and from a cell phone to a computer email address, or sending from a cell phone to cell phone.

These instructions show you how to send pictures from your computer desktop to a cell phone and from a cell phone to a computer email address, or sending from a cell phone to cell phone.

If you want to send a pic you will need to send an email to the cellphone in the same way you e-mail an attached picture to your friends computer.

The method is slightly different for various cell phone models, but the following directions are similar for all brands. The email address you will send the picture(s) to depend on what carrier the cell phone uses.

Cell phone email addresses are:

Virgin Mobile:

Remember that pictures on cell phones are a lot smaller dimensions and file size than what your digital camera or computer is used to. In addition large pic file sizes will cause some cell phone to run out of memory. Try to resize the picture(s) to a maximum 640 pixels in width and 320 pixels in height.

If you use the Firefox web browser there is a plugin extension that provides an easy way to right click on pictures and send images from web pages directly to mobile or cell phones via a free service at

Send Pictures From Cell Phone to Computer:

a) Go to the "MMS" or "multimedia message" menu on the cell phone
b) Choose the "options" softkey below the screen, or "Add" on some mobile phones and select "image" from the list.
c) Select the options menu again and select "Add recipient" or "send to". This varies depending on type of cell phones.
d) Enter the email address you wish to send the picture(s) to and press "send"
e) That's it, the picture will now be sent from the cellphone via email to the receivers email address where they can simply check their email and see the attached picture(s)

Send Picture From Cell Phone to Cell Phone:

To send a picture from your cell phone to another cell phone open your phone and go to the Menu. Find your phone's "Media Gallery" and then choose "Pictures". Select the photo you'd like to send then go to "Options" and choose "Send in Message" then choose which one of your "Contacts" listed in your cell phone to send the picture(s) to and push the "OK" button and then the "Send" button.

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