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Disability Poems, Poetry and Prose Publications
Title of
Updated / Revised
Here's to the Children Who Don't Quite Fit by Gary Shulman, MS. Ed.2021/08/25
A Very Special Child and Come Touch His Cheek - Poems by Gary Shulman, MS. Ed.2021/08/07
A Voice of a Forlorn Blind Woman2020/03/31
COVID-19... Leave The World Now! A Poem by Flora Aguasa2020/03/312021/08/23
Disability Poem by Nancy Hall2018/11/142018/11/27
Poems by Flora Aguasa2018/09/08
The Cost of Freedom & I Served My Country by Teresa Gail Carver Godin2018/01/122018/01/14
Poetry by Iain Stephen2017/06/14
Poems: Cranky Old Man : Crabbit Old Woman : A Nurses ReplyInformative2017/01/202024/01/11
What is The Color Of Care?2016/10/06
Our Paralympics - The Challenges We Face Every Day2013/12/10
Multiple Sclerosis Poems by Mary Pettigrew2013/06/142016/06/12
Capturing Disease Through Poetry2012/07/202022/03/02
Christina's Courage - A Disability Poem by Richard M. DeetsPoem / Poetry2012/03/152024/03/08
Did Elizabeth Barrett Browning Have Hypokalemic Periodic ParalysisInformative2011/12/202024/02/17
Please Don't Stare - Poem2011/06/102011/06/16
Poem: I'll Try Anything Once by Liz Whiteacre2011/05/192022/03/31
Poem: It's for My Own Good by Liz Whiteacre2011/05/192022/03/31
Poetry Book Guides Readers on Journey of Self-Discovery2011/03/28
I Am Not - A Poem by Sheila Radziewicz2011/02/262016/06/12
Singing in the Shower - Poem2011/01/21
If I Live to be an Old Man - Poem2011/01/20
In Sickness and in Health2011/01/20
I Will Win - A Poem About Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis2010/12/30
The Boy Who Was Seen, Not His Wheels - Disability Poem2010/07/18
Let Me Try, God Does - Disability Poem - Disabled World2010/05/06
National Poetry Contest Winners - Disability in the Workplace2010/04/192018/11/29
My Father's Blind Son - Ron Graham - Disability Poetry2010/03/17
Autism and Journey - Someday Soon2009/09/282016/09/23

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