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The Boy Who Was Seen, Not His Wheels - Disability Poem

  • Synopsis: Published: 2010-07-18 - The Boy Who Was Seen, Not His Wheels - A Disability Poem submitted by Michele Sutphin. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Michele Sutphin.

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"The Boy Who Was Seen, Not His Wheels" a Disability Poem submitted by Michele Sutphin.

There was a boy who was born not to walk,
But because he never knew something was wrong, oh, boy, could he talk!.
When he got to a certain age, his dad brought him a chair with wheels,
Now when he had sat Jimmy in it, he asked," How's it feel',
Jimmy was so happy, that now he could go on his own,
Why, if he heard the bell ringing, he could go answer the phone!.
Jimmy knew this chair of wheels would open up new ways to live,
Like going to school, and being with other kids, Jimmy had so much to give.
But the kids at school looked at Jimmy different, not the same,
When it was time for playtime outside, no one ever asked if he'd like to be part of a game.
So Jimmy forgot how excited he was, and he stayed quiet as a mouse,
When Jimmy got home from school, he would never go out of the house.
Though Jimmy's parents, tried everything they could,
They wanted Jimmy to have a reason to go out, if only he would.
Well, Fall, and Winter went by so fast,
Springtime had come at last.
One Saturday morning, Jimmy awoke to the bluebirds singing a beautiful song,
He laid there for awhile, wishing there was some place he belonged.
Getting into his wheelchair, Jimmy thought, and thought about going outside,
Maybe staying in here, maybe I am trying to hide.
Jimmy remembered what they taught in Sunday School,
To love everyone like Jesus, that is the golden rule.
So Jimmy sat outside on the front lawn,
After a time, it was so quiet, he started to yawn.
He started to fall asleep, but all of a sudden what did occur,
A wet nose , with a wet tongue licking his face, attached to a lot of fur!.
"Hey, wait a minute, you!', Jimmy said,
"What are you trying to do".
From where did this beautiful, golden-haired dog appear,
So gentle he was, Jimmy felt no fear.
It seemed no one knew where he lived, or belonged to,
So Jimmy's parents allowed the dog to stay, it was the thing to do.
The dog named Goldy, was such a wonderful friend,
He got Jimmy to play, tossing a ball, so much fun, Jimmy hated the day to end!.
One day Goldy wanted Jimmy to take her for a walk that day,
They were having so much fun, Jimmy didn't realize how they had gone so far away.
Across the street were some boys playing basketball,
All of a sudden, one of them gave Jimmy a holler, a call.
"Hey, want to come over and join in the game'.
That day was the beginning for Jimmy, he would never be the same.
Jimmy hesitated, but Goldy, pulled him along,
She seemed anxious for Jimmy to belong.
"You sure you want me
"I'm in this wheelchair, don't you see'.
"So what if you are, can you make those wheels go"',
Jimmy sat there a moment,"I don't know'.
'Well, give it a try, and see how it goes",
What happened next, I don't think anyone would expect or know.
They gave Jimmy the ball, and with one hand he went towards the net,
With all his strength, he threw the ball, not thinking he'd make it, but yet,
The ball went through the net, and Jimmy amazed at what he could do,
Well the game proceeded, and Goldy got to help retrieve the ball,
Everyone was involved in the game, it was Jimmy's happiest day of all.
When Goldy and Jimmy arrived home, his mother wondered where he had gone,
"Mom, Jimmy smiled,'Jesus showed me even with my wheelchair, I can belong'.

Michele Sutphin

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