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What is The Color Of Care?

  • Synopsis: Published: 2016-10-06 - What is The Color Of Care is a song written by Pastor Kevin McCray a Song Writer/Poet from Hammond, LA. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Pastor Kevin McCray.

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What is the Color of Care,
and what Ribbons do you Bear,
for Concern is only felt when you take the Time to Share.
So choose a Walk/Two/more than a Few,
and take an Active part,
for much Love is Truly Needed, so Open up your Heart.
And let the whole World know, all the Causes which you Support,
then Encourage others to Join in with you, for the Mission we can't Abort. ^ So tell me:
What is the Color of Care: (2x)

You ask me, "Is There A Cause?",
just Look then at the Disabled World,
(for)We all are Related to or know of some,
Man, Woman, Boy or Girl.
Who needs our Love and Support,
our Prayers and Affection,
Encouraging Words to Hold on to,
and even Sheltered Protection.
So as Medical Research increases,
and the Advancement thereof Continues,
Let's make viable Leaps and Bounds,
within the many actual Venues.
And rally together in Committed Strength,
to Walk in Unity,
Showing all the Colors of Care we Share,
in our Community.


We make it clear,
so pay close Attention,
What's the Thought of Hearts Intention,
found in the Awareness Mission.
And why to the Disabled World,
do we Need to Listen,
Because heroes are Created,
in the Strength of their Wisdom.
For therein is found,
a True Life Determination,
Like in The Special Olympics Portrayed and Displayed,
in their Expression of Participation.
So do whatever you can,
let your Resources go to Work,
We must try to make a Difference,
in the Lives of those who Hurt.
So tell me:


So as I close, let's talk about,
Health and Disability,
And how your Financial and Physical Support,
could Help the Disabled Community.
For Information is Vital to Relevance,
and for Education there's plenty of Classes,
But by Word of Mouth and Active Participation,
we can Launch out and Reach the Masses.
And thru Coming Events like a Conference or Summit,
or Trade Shows and Expos,
We can Shine light using a Topic or Category,
with a Message of Hope that Flows.
Like a River in a Desert Land,
causing Healthy lives to Flourish,
For Real Genuine Concern,
is the Best Heart Medical Nourish.
So wherever you Live all across the Globe,
get Involved and do your Part,
By Walking with Purpose for the Causes,
Listed on the Ribbon Chart as a Start.
And then tell me:


Inspired by and Dedicated to: The DISABLED WORLD and The Community at large.

© Pastor Kevin McCray

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