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Let Me Try, God Does - Disability Poem - Disabled World

  • Published: 2010-05-06 : Author: Michele Sutphin
  • Synopsis: Disability poem Let Me Try God Does written by Michele Sutphin.

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Disability poem "Let Me Try, God Does" written by Michele Sutphin

Let Me Try, God Does

Today I was shopping in a store,
Filling my basket with foods I would need, and one fell to the floor.
Before I could pick it up, someone stopped to retrieve,
"This is yours, I believe",
Thanking them for their kindness, I moved up and down the aisle,
Oh did I tell you, in a battery operated wheelchair, I was shopping in style.
Everything went well, till I got to the check out,
Putting my groceries on the counter, I was startled by a shout.
A lady I had never seen before,
Dipped into my basket, offering her help, and more,
Advice on what, and how I should do things,
But I silently prayed, and looking at her , I told her to stop everything.
"M'am I said;, I appreciate what you're trying to do,
But did it occur to you,
Though I am sitting,my two arms are still strong,
Able, and willing, am I wrong.
If I needed help, someone I would ask,
But you have decided it's your duty, your task.
Why? Because to you, disability says only one thing,
That I am not capable, not able for society nor for myself to bring.
Whatever is needed, or accomplish what I need to do,
You think it's up to people like you.
Making sure that we disabled get the help, that you will feel good,
Knowing you have helped a helpless person, as someone taught you should.
But you never stop, never try to get to know who we the disabled are,
That you would be very surprised, there are many things we can accomplish, we can go far.
God is our strength, our guide and our friend,
Through we, the disabled, a message He's trying to send.
We are the ones here to show the world what He can do,
May I ask, what have you let Him do through you.
I ask you, and everyone, who have never known someone with disability,
Open your hearts, and minds, be a friend, get to know me.
Through God, we can still work, we who cannot speak, or hear,
We who are slow in ways, we can be taught, and to know us, is to know Gods love so clear.
We who cannot walk or our bodies might be as they should,
We are still so very able to do many things , given the chance, we would.
You, the world, want to keep us away,
Out of sight, out of mind, it makes it easier on your day.
But thanks be to God, for He wants us to accomplish, He wants us to try,
Since you can't be supportive or accept who we are, on God we know, we can truly rely.

Michele Sutphin - 4/29/2010

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