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The Cost of Freedom & I Served My Country by Teresa Gail Carver Godin

Author: Teresa Gail Carver Godin

Published: 2018-01-12 : (Rev. 2018-01-14)

Synopsis and Key Points:

The Cost of Freedom and I Served My Country are poems written by Teresa Gail Carver Godin, a 20 year, 100% disabled, Air Force veteran.

Main Digest

The Cost of Freedom and I Served My Country are two poems written by Teresa Gail Carver Godin, a 20 year, 100% disabled, Air Force veteran.

The Cost of Freedom

Thanks to our troops of the military
The brave will fall so we remain free
How many losses until we choose to see
The price of war on our proud country.
The honor we feel at the sight of our flag
Unwavering pride from moms and dads.

Wearing battle fatigues once crisp and sharp
Returning from battle, having made their last march
Even though the war has claimed their limbs
And the outlook continues to look fairly grim

It was kill or be killed; an obligation so heinous
They still fight the phantoms with limbs they're now minus
They're provided war tools
Weapons slung on their backs
So many man-children; it's not courage they lack.

Code of conduct they're taught, don't leave brothers behind
They sacrifice their existence walking deserts of mines.
These patriotic heroes wave their banners of pride
With other war veterans, past generations worldwide.

They believed in their fight, to obtain freedom for others
Though it cost them plenty-
fellow sisters and brothers.
That's why we'll never forget
Their fight to keep us free
Our sons, daughters, moms & dads
These true heroes - our family

© Teresa Gail Carver Godin

I Served My Country

I served the United States of America
The home of the brave and free
And gladly took my father's place
In the tradition of our history.

Like my father before me
I served proud and stood tall
Next, my son raised his right hand
And was committed to the call.

Brave young men and women
Stand ready to fight
And defend to the death
Our Constitutional Rights.

The tremendous pride I feel,
The swell in my heart
When our beautiful song
Stars Spangled Banner starts.

From the top of my head to the tips of my toes
A veteran is who I always will be
From my thoughts in my mind to the love in my heart
Veterans are the reason we're free.

The next time you see a veteran,
Active duty, retired, or disabled vet
Tell him or her how proud you are
To be an American, or better yet,

The next time you see a soldier,
Tell him thanks,
extend your hand.
That uniform is made from our flag
It deserves the respect it demands.

© Teresa Gail Carver Godin

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