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Disability and Religion Publications
Title of
Updated / Revised
Predicting Science Denial Through Religious IntoleranceFindings2024/04/30
Claims of Anti-Christian Bias: A Cloaked Form of Racial Messaging?Informative2024/04/15
Places of Worship Linked to More Neighborhood CrimeSurvey / Analysis2023/03/092023/07/04
Abortion Opinions Tied to Religion and Race Views2023/02/102023/02/14
Teaching of Evolution Not Influenced by Religion in Schools2022/12/142023/07/04
Churches Must Diversify Usage or PerishSurvey / Analysis2022/11/152023/07/04
Religious Trauma Syndrome (RTS)Informative2022/09/302023/09/21
How Digital Religion is Shaping Millennial SpiritualityInformative2022/07/272023/07/04
Spirituality Equals Better Health Outcome and Patient Care2022/07/122023/01/04
The Basis of Antiscience Beliefs2022/07/112023/01/04
You Are Indispensable! God Needs YouOpinion Piece / Editorial2021/07/242023/09/13
God, Religion and the Socially Disconnected2021/06/132023/07/04
Religious Freedom Laws Linked to Poor Health in LGBT People2018/10/212021/06/13
Disabled God: Disability Ethics Research PaperResearch Paper2018/05/062023/07/19
Why We Believe in Gods: Religious Beliefs Not Linked to Rational ThinkingSurvey, Analysis2017/11/082024/05/31
Neurological Link Between Religious Experiences and Epilepsy2017/03/092021/06/13
Creation, Evolution, and the Handicapped: Crushing the Death ImageLiterature / Review2016/06/232024/04/15
The Delusional World of Man Made DeitiesOpinion Piece, Editorial2016/05/242024/06/03
Conflict Between Science and Religion is All in Our MindSystematic Review2016/03/242023/07/04
Muslims with Disabilities in UK, US and Canada2015/12/132021/06/13
Online Church for Deaf and Hard of Hearing2015/07/312021/08/07
Spirituality and Patient Recovery Time2014/11/102021/06/13
Mental Illness: Are Churches in the Dark?2014/05/122023/07/19
Loss of Faith and Family Struggles When Relative DyingResearch, Study, Analysis2013/02/182024/05/31
Face to Face with God by Jim Maxim2013/01/102021/12/30
U.S. Supreme Court Considers Religious Exception to Anti-Discrimination LawsAnnouncement2011/11/252024/05/31
Physicians Face Ethical Conflicts With Religious HospitalsResearch, Study, Analysis2010/04/092024/05/31
Faith Communities and Respite Care Fact SheetInformative2009/04/282024/05/31

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