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TV Auditions, Winnings and Jobs for Disabled and Non-disabled Youth and Adult Artists

  • Published: 2010-02-25 : Author: C.A.D. Inc., Legacy Awards on K.E.Y.S. Kids TV
  • Synopsis: Corporation for Artistic Development to give various prizes monthly to artists you vote for on K.E.Y.S. Kids TV Show.

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Corporation for Artistic Development to give various prizes monthly to artists you vote for on K.E.Y.S. Kids TV Show

Monthly, various prizes will be awarded to persons getting the most votes when they showcase their talents or special skills on CAD Legacy Awards a segment on the television show K.E.Y.S. Kids, produced by M.W. Production airing on TV 33, MYTV20 and Comcast during their 18th year on-air celebration. There are opportunities to be a contestant, regular cast member, guest on the show, apply for an internship and employment or be part of the studio audience.

Persons with disabilities, currently or formerly in Foster Care, and Artists Living with Challenges can be a

1) contestant for the Legacy Awards ($100 to $1,000, products, career study trips, in-artist residency apartment and other exciting prizes). Contestants can Showcase creative works (paintings, drawings, sculptures, crafts, fashion designs, short film), and or Perform (act, sing, dance, play an instrument, recite poetry, a speech, or demonstrate an amazing skill) There is no cost to enter the contest.

All artists can audition or interview to be a

2) cast member performing as a life size puppet

3) a guest host, acting in skits, joining the dance troupe, interviewing people, be in the touring performance troupe or be a

4) guest that teaches children on the show age 3 to teenagers, dance routines, fun activities and life skills.

5) interview to do an internship, volunteer or apply for employment or be in the audience if they are ages 3 to 23.

The audience will enjoy life size puppets, entertainment, vote for favorite contestants and interact with the guests and cast.

An appointment must be made Feb 25th - March 25th , 2010 for an audition and interview, at C.A.D., Inc. training site inside Regal Towers Clubhouse Building 27350 Franklin Road Southfield, MI 48034 Contact CAD at info 313-346-6878 or 734-956-6192 or email: Auditions and Interviews begin Saturday, March 6, 2010.

"This 18th year local and national celebration of K.E.Y.S. Kids on the air will continue to build self-esteem in children promote drug prevention and open up more opportunities to them through CAD Legacy Awards. CAD, Inc. hopes to inspire communities to recognize and support artists and skilled youth and adults with disabilities, in or from foster care and those living with challenges seeing that they are employable and run successful businesses and live vibrant lives making positive contributions to the world just as others do.

Maxine Willis is Founder and Director of Kids Enjoy Yourselves Without Drugs and Creator and Host of K.E.Y.S. Kids Television show. Marvin Willis is owner of M.W. Production and Producer of K.E.Y.S. Kids TV Show. Regina Mack, Founder of Corporation for Artistic Development is creator and host of "CAD LEGACY AWARDS" that is airing on K.E.Y.S. Kids TV show and Creative Director for K.E.Y.S. Kids. K.E.Y.S Kids founding sponsor in 1992 was business owner, Brady Keys. K.E.Y.S. Kids 18th year celebration is being supported by a Burger King franchise.

"CAD LEGACY AWARDS" is filmed before a studio audience, on the streets, at the CAD Legacy Art Gallery/Museum and at businesses owned by youth, disabled and artists. CAD Legacy Awards segment has three parts: "Showcase" (Disabled Artists, Foster Care Youth and other Artists Perform or Exhibit Art and are voted on by studio audience and viewers. The top vote getters receive various prizes: products, cash, services, trips, etc., "Hanging with K.E.Y.S. Puppets" (Skilled CAD, Inc. artists teach K.E.Y.S. puppets) and "Show Me" (CAD, Inc. artists and K.E.Y.S. Puppets teach children from age three to teenagers, self-esteem, drug prevention, dance routines, fun activities and life skills)

"CAD LEGACY AWARDS" is promoted to families, educational institutions and organizations that are affiliated with disabled youth and adult artists, talented foster care youth and children ages three to adult. Both, Kids Enjoy Yourselves Without Drugs and Corporation for Artistic Development are non-profit 501 c3 organizations dedicated to helping children and others.

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